New York Times bestselling ghostgirl author, Tonya Hurley, has credits spanning all platforms of teen entertainment including: creating, writing and producing. Starred Review. Grade 7 Up—Charlotte User, an invisible loser, dies just before enacting a plan to catch the cutest guy in school and achieve popularity. : ghostgirl: Tonya Hurley: Books. ghostgirl Hardcover – Bargain Price, August 1, by customer reviews. Book 1 of 3 in the Ghostgirl Series .

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But he had to be.

The problem is she doesn’t have much advice to offer since dying hasn’t exactly boosted her confidence level. Hurlry the saddest thing is that they’re not even good at it!! It would be serious and then switch to this unbelievable scene from a B movie.

Ghostgirl: Homecoming by Tonya Hurley – Books – Hachette Australia

Goofy, ghastly, intelligent, electrifying. Refresh and try again. You see, I was expecting creepy ghosts and a scary plot but what did I get? She begins to float and SHINE, and her dress transforms into the one she dreamt of, with a round of applause worthy of the shabbiest teen prom movie ever. Maddy and Charlotte follow as Maddy tries to convince Charlotte to possess Petula.

Goofy, ghastly, intelligent, electrifying. It was ungraceful and unflattering. The only character I had any hope after realizing how devilish Charlotte really was, it was Scarlet who was this punk emo chick who didn’t give a shit about anyone and Petula’s little sister. The only character I liked was Scarlet, and that was only because she was sarcastic and called Charlotte out once or twice.

Lovesick was released in July Who is, of course, Petula’s boyfriend. The cover art shows the silhouette of a girl — used throughout the book’s illustrations to represent Charlotte — in a coffin with a banner saying ” Rest in Popularity “. Hurley has a worked in virtually every aspect of teen entertainment: Charlotte isn’t giving up, though. The illustration usually shows Charlotte’s silhouette, as shown on the cover, and forms a chain of actions as the reader progresses through the book.

And with the help of Scarlet Kensington Petula’s younger sister she’s sure she’ll be able to do it. When Damen arrives in town for a job at the local radio station and enters one of Scarlet’s songs, she feels that he is pressuring her and getting to be mad and furious. Feeling guilty, and jealous of Damen’s sudden arrival to see Petula, Scarlet uses the possession ritual Charlotte taught her to send herself into a coma and seek out Charlotte’s help to find Petula’s soul.


Almost in spite of herself, Charlotte does learn her lesson and find peace by the end of the story as she begins to understand that, sometimes, there’s more to life than being seen–even in high school.

Coming in Wren, a lonely girl with a gift for communicating with birds, leaves behind a fractured family to investigate her mother’s mysterious disappearance on a birding expedition in the Louisiana bayous and enters a world steeped in folk magic. And all because she choked on a gummy bear. What follows is a zany plot involving stalking, possession don’t worry, it’s consensualand a love triangle that has to be read to be believed.

Well, my girlfriend read it last week and she loved it. Even its marketing campaign is cool. Now, I understand that most teen books I have thus far read have neglectful parents who are practically non-existent in the text. Why is that stupid house so important and why the crap do the ghost kids still go to the living school, side by side their fleshy counterparts?

Realistically, the story is just a 3 stars rating. Tonya Hurley is the New York Times best-selling author of the highly acclaimed Ghostgirl book series; creator, writer and producer of animated and live action hit television series; writer and director of independent films; writer and director of commercials for Playstation, Gameboy and Warner Home Video; and creator of groundbreaking videogames.

Acknowledge it and suffer the consequences. But is popularity really what Charlotte needs? Other books in this series. Want to Read saving….

ghostgirl – Wikipedia

Two scenes later in the pool they’re kissing with no explanation whether Damen broke up with Petula or if they’re now dating or what. Convinced that graduating Dead Ed was her route to the afterlife Charlotte is a little surprised to find she has to complete an internship!


Everyone else was defined by one or two singular characteristics and most of them were stereotypes.

No kidding, they have lunch break with living students, who obviously can’t see them, and eat food served by ghostly cafeteria ladies. Like many reviewers I really wanted to love this book. And I thought the ending was cute.

Scarlett thinks that she’s somehow more unique than everyone else because of the way she’s dressed. Its front cover is a heart shaped locket with Charrlotte blowing a kiss and a heart on her hand. The New York Times.

Almost like passing in a term paper that you know sucked, but having that period of time where you haven’t gotten your grade back yet — that kind of exhale where you haven’t been rejected, although you pretty much know how it’s going to turn out. But her new dead classmates aren’t liking Charlotte’s plans too much and are making it incredibly hard for her to get anything done. Just seeing it on the shelf at the store made me want to buy it.

After they re-record Scarlet’s song for the radio competition, Scarlet learns that Eric is dead, and that he never had the chance to play on stage when he was alive. Mommy I want milk!!

As the class are expecting to move on, they receive one more task: She realises this kiss, this moment, hurleg not for her, that she has jurley let go, and she moves on.

Much to the chagrin of her new “Dead Ed” classmates who are all waiting to learn their own lessons and finally rest in peace. With Pam and Prue, Charlotte plans to evict the evil spirit at Prom.

Diario de Ghostgirl

Charlotte died by choking on a gummy bear. On the other hand, being a selfish person will save the day.

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