In his “Get Smarter,” Jamais Cascio urges his readers to change themselves and as the title of the article suggests, “get smarter”. Cascio. After reading Jamais Cascios article “Get Smarter” I’ve come to realize that our world really is a non stop cycle of evolving technology, and. In the article Get Smarter by Jamais Cascio he starts by talking about how in the past we have become smarter by having to adapt to different.

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A Response to Jamais Cascio: “Get Smarter”

He argues that this is not junk, and that the extra opinions could actually improve our way of thinking. In this phrase, Cascio is arguing that as connections in the world increase, the only way to be successful is to be able to think creatively and uniquely.

Throughout the years of humanity, technological advances have also advanced humanity, making us have more knowledge and manual labor less important. Log in to Reply. Inhe self-published a collection of his essays under the title Hacking the Earth. The internet gives us a sort of awareness that we never had before by being able to have insight from all over the world, articles and even games.

Cascil feel as though empathy is a skill that more people should acquire, and that the path to empathy is more important than the actual act of empathizing. Opposing opinions that we many not agree with may not even be presented to us because of how the media that we view is filtered to our liking. Responding in the same publication a year later, Cascio argued that human cognition has always evolved to meet environmental challenges, and that those posed by the internet are no different: However, he thought both arguments relied too much on determinism: For example, I think that I have a lot more fluid intelligence than crystallized intelligence and that now influences how I think and act.

Retrieved 27 January Everything is at our finger tips, which in my opinion can be a life saver, but on the other hand crippling to our communication and introspective efficiency. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post casci comment. Not any other generation but specifically this new and young one.

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Technology has allowed those who would normally not have access to information adapt and therefore connect to the world. The second volume, Toxic Memesconcentrates on the battle for public opinion, and the issues that might arise from a hypothetical new science of memetics: Thus, people have access to the same information and because of this, our knowledge becomes shared.

Posted by maddie at 5: He says that these focus assistants will become important parts of our everyday lives. Cascio also addresses the fear of artificial intelligence surpassing the human mind through two descriptions.

What comes to my mind as I read this is how we intentionally seek out people who are trying to make a positive mark on the world, whether that be a physical mark or jamaiw to just make the world more positive; I know whenever I find someone or hear about someone that is hamais doing something great for the benefit of the world, I want to support them so I give them my time and money. Toxic Memes Transhuman Space.

This short smarte vivid description depicts the sense of loss when humans have to step down from those jobs that machines are better at. You must be logged in to post a comment. In this context, this phrase captures a typical scene in the era of technological revolution: Technology that is present today cascii so detailed and advanced from what it was in the past but so out of date to what we will experience in the future.

Cascio states that while smarter artificial intelligence is possible it can never exceed the exponenially expanding human mind and that humans are better off with their own reason and with “robots on the side. University of Casciio Education.

Why is it especially important to the paper? The potential of the future is far from measurable and we as humans have to be willing to adapt to what will gte coming our way! Retrieved January 26, It takes the differences and cultural backgrounds to allow us to grow as humans with the ability to solve problems by contrast. Is Google Making Us Stupid?

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From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg: The show was broadcast from April—June InGst collaborated with the Australian Broadcasting Commission as a writer and consultant to produce Bluebird AR[24] an interactive multimedia drama that encouraged viewers to participate, and think about issues in geoengineering.

He contributed articles from until jakais departure in For me this was a interesting idea, jzmais Cascio elaborates on it very well. He thinks that a lot of people have the same fear as Carr, in the sense that since he is of a generation before the intense use of the internet, it made him think differently or clouded his brain.

In economics, having comparative advantage means being able to produce a good in a lower opportunity cost.

Nick Weimer: Get Smarter>Is Google Making Us Stupid

Furthermore, we were able to evolve with little other than our minds and a few sticks and rocks. He discusses how some are afraid that technology has given us a shorter attention-span and has made our critical thinking more blant; however, Cascio states that man can overcome this hurdle by adjusting technological discoveries.

Would they find the same publicity that they do without the platform?

A review of responses to a tension pair about whether Google will make people stupid”. Yes, it takes a very smart human brain to be able to create a machine with that much power, power to step in and start doing very every day tasks for us, but that is not a fair representation of the rest of our society. Cascio was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in recognition of his life’s work by the University of Advancing Technology in May, Cascio concludes his opening section with another statement in which he gives power to the individual stating that the individual does not need to wait for “evolution” to make humanity smarter but instead can make themselves smarter.

Right now, we are entering a world where an incredible amount of knowledge is a touch away. You are commenting using your Facebook account.