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Then share these events with me now. In fact it is very simple to imagine — the financial system will not collapse because banks are broke or governments cannot repay their gargantuan sovereign debt, as long as any conceivable sum of money can be electronically generated with a click on the computer as the former Fed chief Ben Bernanke boasted in front of the senate. This is the kind of resolution I have to show now, in the full confidence that all will be well and I recommend you to follow my example.


June July 3, This is a precious moment as every action flows beautifully in a divinely guided progression. A bluewhite star appeared in my heart. Since then Gaia and humanity are on an upward ascension spiral that is about to culminate this summer. At the same time we have already created the new energetic systems of communication based on superconductivity at the soul level in the 5D and higher dimensions.


The time determining factor is and has always been the progress of humanity in the ascension process. This site uses cookies.

It will most probably begin with the simultaneous collapse of the financial and political structures in the USA and EU as they are very closely entangled. A New Georg Paradigm: In order to be born, a shell must break.

They conduct experiments on humans by trapping and brainwashing them inside virtual reality simulations synthetic worlds, as reported by you and Carla. The fact that a magnetic field can induce electricity in a wire and vice versa, an alternating current can induce magnetic field shows that we are dealing with aspects of the same original force or energy.

The vast majority of current humanity on this Earth has made more and more room for and attached more and more value to modern technology.

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The PATsters are consistently reporting such extreme cleansing and this really triggers my sense of compassion for each and every one of them as I myself have also been challenged while adjusting to these waves. The electric blackout is actually the easiest form of transformation.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Likewise, this part of humanity has distanced itself more and more from its true inner nature and the true nature of Mother Earth so that this part of humanity cannot anymore imagine a life in harmony with the inner and outer nature without modern technology. The latest transformation episode began for me on December 31 and peaked on January This kind of rapid ascension has never been done before and is considered the greatest adventure in the annals of all incarnated civilisations throughout space and time.

All of you have noticed the anger and resentment, the frustration and exasperation, of a planet gone mad from emotional imbalance, lack of rationality and the force of the unclear mind. Istanbul-Turkey, April,pp. The actual ascension scenario is presented from minute 17th where June 20th is confirmed as the initiation of this final transformation wave that will peak in the course of this summer.

Children’s Georvi and Playground Design.

GEORGI STANKOV – Higher Density Blog

The purpose of these waves is to shake up the world and this is exactly what they are doing. During our meditation St.

The old complete system will be replaced by a new complete system. This activity is sucking all my energies and only perpetuates this hologram. In the case of an expected and to-be-expected breakdown of this wantonly tied network, ggeorgi self-expression forms independent from these networks will find it easy to get by and to support themselves — above all those used to living and surviving in the wild.

Therefore no further predictions of general character are possible or desirable from a higher vantage point of view. May Grorgi Name: Essentially what happened in May and continues this month of June is the complete phase transformation or shift of the subatomic quantum structure of this holographic model away from the old dense, predominantly electric structure through the full implementation of the conditions of superconductivity.

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I have finished with my mission in this world and have to move on. I can see all the beautiful fluctuating patterns in various colours in the air and projecting onto the wall or the ceiling. Then I referred to the fallacies of the light workers to think and express themselves in precise scientific terms or even to grasp properly any scientific content.

My research is focused on the development of citizens’ participation process and improving citizens’ capacity to impact politicians, decision-makers, and public administrators. The author’s view is that education can raise elderly citizens’ awareness of their needs and rights, and might encourage their active participation in policy-making in all matters affecting them.

This is the end of this announcement. I hope that all of you who are georig this know that staankov are moving the ascension forward by contributing on so many levels and in every state of awareness you hold, especially during your nighttime sleep state. I am a Bulgarian developmental and social psychologist, with interests in intercultural communication, environmental psychology, and community psychology. Page 1 Page 2 … Page 17 Next page. Now is the time to manifest this vision.

Georgi has added his energy report at the bottom of this post explaining the events that were carried out during this meeting. There are expansive waves of light coming to you in a steady stream and they are of cosmic origin and of divine ordinance. As the fear-based energies of the Earth are released by each and every one of you, it is your priority and keen sense of responsibility that demands of you your utmost strength of character to flood these feelings and thoughts with a bevy of divine light that surrounds you in infinite beauty, and in every moment.

Skip to main content. A failed transformer which cannot be replaced by an emergency power system because this will fail, too. The whole message in the video is very good and confirms everything we have discussed so teorgi.