Guide of Genex Probe for. LTE Drive Test 2 Huawei confidential, 2. Contents Overview of Genex Probe & Assistant Genex Probe. INTRODUCTION TO GENEX PROBE DRIVE TEST OPERATIONBY IMRAN HASHMI Huawei TECHNOLOGIES Co., Ltd. Huawei Confidential 1 GENEX. Huawei GENEX Probe & Assistant practice guide Internal use only Huawei GENEX Drive Test tools Practice Guide Abbreviation: User Manual: In Probe.

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Indicates that the alarm setting does not take effect.

By default, the test control mode is Test by Count. Table Main functions Function Description The Probe collects wireless measurement parameters and signaling. The default value is 6 m. Tesf dynamic spot display during the drive drve or test playback relies on the correct settings in the dynamic layer. The destination call number is displayed in the TestItem area, as shown in Figure Delta in the parameters mentioned previously stands for the average value in the period of ms, while the Average represents the average value of all the data.

Figure Device configuration information 6. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Measure SIR z True: TopN Pilot Scan Enable: User Pribe the username if required during FTP upload.


Introduction to GENEX Probe – ppt download

The messages are visible only when the associated items in LogMask are selected. Log In Geenx Up. The new test UEs are: The system gives a prompt, saying “Please install the Teechart plug-in.

Qualcomm to choose the port. Fingers at ANT2 Note: You can get familiar with the prone interfaces after reading this chapter. Sets the value for user correction, which compensates the cable loss. Figure Data items in the multi-UE multi-technology comparative test 8.

Map Toolbar Genxe map toolbar, as shown in Figurecontains the icons for routine map operations and is available only when the Map window is open. The Probe supports the following types of raster maps: The Add Layer dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure Connect the commercial UE to the Probe to carry out this test.

This part describes only the static layer management. The progress status bar about each test item is displayed.

A definir Remote File: Figure Exporting the data You can either select tet Visual Alarm or the Audio Alarm check box individually or select both of them at a time.

In addition, the GPS time can be converted into the local time. Table lists the detailed information about UE connection.

Huawei Genex Probe for 4G,3G,2G Drive Test – Telco Consultant

To start a playback. Indicates whether or not to measure the time offset.

This yest contains the following contents: The Probe gives the information statistics on the QoS service layer. Data Configuration Figure shows the data items used in the AT control test. Problem Description The Base Station window cannot be opened.


Introduction to GENEX Probe

You do not have to set the uplink and downlink guranteed rates for the background class and interactive class. Check what text the scrambling codes Right-click the chart and choose a belong to legend on the shortcut menu.

Solution To solve the problem, perform the tesr steps: Five records are the maximum. Rate kbps Indicates whether or not to set the automatic dialup. Table Data items in the pilot scan test Name Description Indicates whether or not to enable this test item after the test. Function Description The spectrum analysis is to accomplish the spectrum analysis test.

Physical connection Equipment bag easy to carry and suitable to be used in the car. Figure Setting parameters 4 Click OK. Setting Time Setting the Log Time The Probe provides the following two modes prrobe record the time label of each Log header in the drive test file: Different cells are distinguished from each other by different colors.