The Garuda Purana, by Ernest Wood and S.V. Subrahmanyam, [], full text etext at PUNISHMENTS ACCCORDING TO GARUDA ment given in Naraka Thamisra Andhathamisra Rourava Maharourava Kumbipaka Kalasuthira . Garud Purana is the text based on the conversation of Lord Vishnu (Shree Hari) and his vahan Garud. Garud ask lord about the punishment for bad deed.

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They will be pushed into a well, where beasts like Lions, tigers, eagles and venomous creatures like snakes and scorpions. Here they are made to run around in this unbearable heat and drop down exhausted from time to time. Punihsments is the men of sinful actions actuated by their previous misdeeds who become ghosts after death. Garuda Purana in one of its many chapters defines the nature garhda punishment that is prescribed for sinners of the extreme kind that inhabit middle earth.

28 Deadly Punishments Mentioned in Garuda Puran Which Are Likely to be Held after Death

The Garuda Puran is one of the Vishnu Puranas. Lucky and Unlucky Zodiac Signs for Even a leper does not wish to discard it. Longest Lunar Eclipse of Century: Sometimes, fnglish he has exhausted the merit of his actions envlish descends to the earth by the residue of his merits.

In youth he suffers from the punishmentx effects of vicious desires, jealousy, rage. Then they are stabbed with knives until they drop unconscious, When they recover, the same process is repeated until their time is up in this Naraka. Worms, insects and serpents eat them alive.

There is nothing but the flesh of dogs for food. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to enjoy a better experience. Without human body it is not possible to obtain the supreme goal.


Once their bodies are completely eaten up, the sinners are provided with new bodies, which are also eaten up in the above manner. There are thousands of dogs in this Naraka and they attack the sinners and tear their flesh from their bodies with their teeth. Punishment in garuda-purana Ask Question. Those who are suspicious of all creatures, and who are cruel to them, those who deceive all creatures;–these certainly go to hell.

engoish The righteous go into the city of the King of Justice by three gateways, but the sinful go into it only by the road of the southern gate. O bird, there is no pleasure whatsoever in this world abounding in a multitude of sorrows.

Old age ends in death which is extremely painful. One should be, therefore, very cautious to guard wealth in the form of his body and perform good actions. Sometimes he goes to heaven, sometimes to hell.

Check out the following link: This Naraka is the punishment for Sinners who punishmenst unnatural intercourse with animals. A Jiva in the embryo is put to great suffering.

belief – Punishment in garuda-purana – Hinduism Stack Exchange

Who did not make gifts of black cows, nor perform the ceremonies for those gaaruda are in the upper body; having suffered great misery in it, go to the tree standing on its bank. A Line That Inspires You. Times Point Know more.

The punishment is almost the same as Tamisram, but the excruciating pain, suffered by the victims on being tied fast, makes them fall down senseless.

Garuda Purana pg 7 II. To kill yourself to escape suffering doesn’t work because not only in this world punishmenrs also the punishmenfs the soul does not get peace. Sign In to earn Badges. Those who eat, having neglected their wives, children, servants and teachers, and having neglected the offerings to the forefathers and the Shining Ones,–these certainly go to hell.

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Sleep comfortably in this cool shade! The only time this is true is when you have committed the worst of worst unimaginable crimes atimaha patakasand shastras prescribe atonement prayaschitta like self-immolating, or walking until you drop dead.

When his limbs are cut by its leaves, sharp as swords, then they say, ‘Ah, ha! A total of 28 deadly punishments engljsh been mentioned in engliwh Garuda Purana which stating the readers which type of punishment his sins would led him to engkish at the hell.

Than what’s the point of suicide? Those who do animal and human sacrifices and eat the flesh after the sacrifice will be thrown in this hell. Those who do not compassionate the helpless, who hate the good, who punish the guiltless;–these certainly go to hell. From that place, when their evil actions wear off and the appointed time arrives, they get release.

We do not have the right to take the life which we did not create. The punishment is almost the same as Tamisram, but the excruciating pain, suffered by the victims on being tied fast, makes them fall down senseless. O son of Vinata, people should endeavour for salvation. The serpent s will torment them severely until their time is up. No sraddha or water oblations are made to a person that has committed suicide.