Editorial Reviews. Review. “The wonderfully wacky and perverse nature of Aiken’s stories and What A Dragon Should Know (Dragon Kin series Book 3) – Kindle edition by G.A. Aiken. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @ Amazon. com. : What a Dragon Should Know (Dragon Kin) (): G. A. Aiken, Hollie Jackson: Books. : What a Dragon Should Know (Dragon Kin, Book 3) ( ): G. A. Aiken: Books.

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But what made the book was Annwyl’s story. Now that the new threat is over and Talaith has seen her only daughter of 17 winters in battle action, she is forced to agree that Izzy is ready for combat with Annwyl’s army and gives her permission for Izzy to head out at their next march.

What a Dragon Should Know Excerpt

She won’t attack you jnow swords like Annwyl, she will plot and lie and scheme to bring you to your knees. The Gods come out to play and the babies sjould. But there were moments that were so well written that I got teary eyed. Let’s throw him out a window! The Dragon Claims His Treasure. Gwenvael the Gold, also known as Gwenvael the Handsome to most females, is a dragon in the prime of his life.


Book Review: G.A. Aiken’s What a Dragon Should Know – KD Did It Edits

Well, you’ve gotta read the book! AND, we had too many scenes with Talaith the Bitch being a bitch in this book too. But she’s like a vulcano which its lava turmoil inside it. Gwenvael the Handsomea. Dagmar is a strategist and underestimated, I loved that she caused confusion for the family of Gwenvael.

She has information that she knows Annwyl will find onow but she wants to deal directly with the Queen not her messenger boy. In this series View all Book 4. Gwenvael and Dagmar kinda remind me of Ailean and Shalin.

I enjoyed the dialogue between the two. So that means we see a lot of Annwyl and Fearghus as well as Breic and Talaith. So how does an apparently air-headed pretty boy win over a lady like that? When she cannot find Gwenvael, Dagmar is finally approached by Ragnar himself.

Aug 03, Mariana Zapata rated it it was amazing. I just adored their verbal sparring and joint masterminding. My Take The dragons are like big, boisterous teenage boys with the same maturity levels.

He glared up at her. I knew I was going to love Gwenvael so I wasn’t knoow to find that he is my favourite of the dragons we’ve met so far. Give as a gift.

G.A. Aiken | What a Dragon Should Know

Now, to find about it you definitely must read the previous book. You are not to touch them, speak to them, or go near them in any way. Dagmar pushed her room door open but the dragon was konw in the tub.


No, Dagmar’s hope is that one day after her father realizes she is too old to marry off he will give her a nice little cottage on the edge of his lands for her to live out her days in peace. Turn that Ragnar is not human, he is Lightning Dragon, who made him as Gwenvael’s enemy since Lightning and Fire are sworn enemy.

Nov 19, Anne rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved how the seemingly vapid Gwenvael was so scheming and manipulative under all of that self indulgent vanity. What I love most is that you feel the connections between the characters whether they are family, friends, or mates. His thighs were strong and powerful, his abdomen flat and tight, with an interesting but clear delineation between it and his hipbones.

Drwgon plots, schemes, steamy stuff with a bit of crass language and akien really tearful moments too.