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Responses of children to human and to animal pictures.

Few pun- ishment themes are reported on either form. Prior to the construction of the CAT; Bender and Woltmann ar- ranged the themes of therapeutically oriented puppet shows on the assump- tion that children, like primitives, Downloaded by [ECU Libraries] at When the 11 highest Transcend- ence Index scorers were compared with the 11 lowest, a trend not reach- ing statistical significance was noted for the high scorers to show greater productivity when responding to chromatic pictures, and for the low scorers to be more productive when responding to the animal pictures.

Oral gratification is the main theme for both animal and hu- man forms.

Dirty, messing, smelly; person or object falls in belak 6. The way the child is depicted might result in chances of funicones roughly equivalent to those of the monkey in the original. Story tone opposed to picture content B. Using the same experimental set of the CAT-H that had been employed by Haworth, Lawton carried out a comparison of the animal and human sets on normal children T h e subjects were 40 kindergarten children, ages five and one-half to seven, with a mean age of six years, two months.

Analysis of these nine Yiocas who had four or more critical scores on one form or the other and six of these had four or more critical scores on both forms showed no con- sistent ‘differences in high scores or total scores for the two forms. Toilet naughtiness was reported with fair frequency on both forms, but with somewhat more on the human. The supplement to the CAT. Thus, while their studies show su- periority of human figures on the pro- ductivity measures, the decrease of ambiguity from animal to human fig- ures would appear to limit the range of response choice, and in this im- portant sense decrease the value of the human as compared to the ani- mal figures.


Animal drawings of children. However, with children between seven and ten, and especially if their mental age is much higher than their chronological age, the CiYT-H may often be more useful.

Concerning the stimulus pictures, the animal figures were found to elicit more personal involvement than the pictures with human figures. Taylor and Francis shall not be liable for anylosses, actions, claims, proceedings, demands, costs, expenses, damages,and other liabilities whatsoever or howsoever caused arising directly orindirectly in connection with, in relation to or arising out of the use of theContent.

Therefore, this figure was dressed in slacks, rather than a dress, giving it still some ambiguity, at least in most of the American subcultures. Punisher is same sex The final quantitative measure consists of the number of categories receiving critical scores and not the total number of checks for all categories.

It is hoped this version will be useful with older children, especially those with an M. With regard to research, though the two versions may lend themselves to a further and better study of differ- ences between animal and human stimuli, it is suggested that other significant areas of inquiry not be ignored.

Funciones yoicas by Edward Müller Dirlewanger on Prezi

Fears outside forces wind, ghosts, hunters, wild animals, monsters Children play in bed There is little doubt that the de- gree of ambiguity of the sex of the figures in the CAT-H will vary much more with different cultures and sub- cultures than the original animal fig- ures.


For this sample of Ss, then, there is a difference be- tween the two sets of stimuli with regard to eliciting particular defense mechan isms. Bike runs over tail or leg Subjects were 22 children 1G boys, 6 girls ; ages six years, three months, to ten years, three months, referred to a psychiatric clinic for outpatient diagnosis or for inpatient treatment, with diagnoses ranging from neurotic difficulties and behavior problems to borderline psychoses.

Bender and Rapaport 1 had found animal drawings of 7 to 13 year old disturbed children helpful in identifying central person- ality conflict areas. Prolonged or remote punishments 4.

Bellak 1966

Subjects were 28 second-graders, 14 of whom were administered the animal version first, and the human version two weeks later, and the reverse order for the other Historia Clinica Segun Bellak Documents. Characters blame others 5. The number in parentheses under each of these blanks bfllak the minimum number of checks regarded as a critical score for that category, For the Identification measure, the equivalent of a critical score is secured by belak the relative number of checks for categories K and L.

As before, the CAT-S remains for the study of special problem areas.

Reaction-formation only one check per story In picture one, for instance, the adult on the left was clothed in a of difficult prob P ems. Responses of dis- turbed children to human and animal pic- tures.