An eccentric, fascinating exposé of a world most of us know nothing about.” — The New York Times Book Review “An insightful, entertaining, brainiac sp. Most books on globalization focus on how it changes a culture. But in How Soccer Explains the World, New Republic staff writer Franklin Foer. HOW SOCCER EXPLAINS THE WORLD: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization. Franklin Foer, Author. HarperCollins $ (p) ISBN.

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Foer brother of Jonathan Safran Foer, for those of you keeping track at home puts his pen to the paper to explain world affairs to his american audience through the one lens they might identify with — sports.

In the first couple of chapters, Franklin Foer addresses “the failure of globalization to erode.

Bagi sebagian masyarakat Indonesia, disadari atau tidak ada dua fper besar di negeri ini. Basically the only big change in soccer due to globalization is the importing or exporting in the case of Brazil of players from other countries.

These days though, with all of my overseas travel, a great home team in DC United, a bunch of young nieces, nephews, and godchildren, and some good friends heading to Germany this summer, I’m becoming a convert. We won’t see another for four long years. In the end, I am not sure how well he links these various nationalistic loyalties to teams with globalization. I enjoyed the personal stories that put hwo face and story to illustrate the principle being discussed.

If Foer wasn’t so blinded by his yuppie-ism and was actually a fan of the game, I think he fosr have noticed this.

Kartolo i menjadi Cartolas Fosr menulis dengan bernas soal sepakbola di dunia ketiga, dengan mengambil analisis persepakbolaan Brasil. The right book at the right time. For soccer, unlike any other sport in the world, stands at the heart of political and cultural life for millions, even billions, of people.


Ketika Portella dan saya duduk mengobrol, ia tidak bisa menutupi rasa pesimisnya socer masa depan sepak bola Brasil. According to Foer, there were 1. Tak lama berselang, di sisi lapang Inter, wasit malah memberi Juve tendangan penalty atas sebuah akting penuh kepalsuan. Each thug carried a metal bar or wooden bat. Keseluruhan bab tadi dilihat dengan sudut pandang sepakbola.

Ada soal perpecahan Negara, sentiment agama, diskredit Yahudi, korupsi, dan macam2. Benarlah yang ditulis Frank, estadio Maracana adlah sebuah katedral, penuh dengan berbagai eplains akan pahlawan, martir dan santo pelindungnya: Purwokerto, dalam sebuah laga eksebisi di tengah-tengah turnamen amatir antar kampung Piala Kapolres kalo tidak salah, ingatan jadulers emang cemen hehehe.

Tranklin is unique in that it’s the only truly transnational sport, which makes it a good lens to magnify various interesting cultural traits for closer inspection. This trope has simply become a continent-wide folk tradition, transmitted via the stadium, from fan to fan, from father to son.

It’s a feeling that can’t be explained but we spend our lives explaining it. No trivia or quizzes yet. Jul 26, Caroline rated it liked it. In their path, they left exlains of casualties, like the fresh tracks of a lawnmower. Second, what’s wrong with kids playing sports they actually enjoy?

Soccer is here the globalized medium that seems to lend itself to explaining the effects globalization has on society as a whole. It will be interesting to see how these shifts in quality in the domestic league and the future of quality staying improves the game here. Sep 08, Ishraq rated it really liked it. So true, so very true. Sorry, just had to get that out. And Messi, without a doubt the most skilled player of the last decade, has inspired millions of children and fans with his superhuman footwork, and consequently made Barcelona into the most beloved club outside the European continent.

View all 4 comments. Masih segar dalam ingatan kita akhir pekan lalu, ketika tim Thomas kita bertanding di final melawan China, betapa ribuan suporter Indonesia memerahkan stadion Bukit Jalil, laiknya istora Senayan saja!!!


Roma, had fascists as patrons and founders. It was quick and easy to read and worth picking up if you are looking for some light transit reading.

How Soccer Explains the World Quotes by Franklin Foer

An Unlikely Theory of Globalization. Namun lihatlah, tengoklah, dengarlah dan rasakanlah, apa yang ditulis Frank soal kebobrokan elit sepakbola di suat klub atau negara, tidak mengurangi iman penggemar bola pada sepakbola itu sendiri. Mereka khawatir kehilangan tontonan,hiburan sekaligus ikon daerah. Ada sedikit typo penulisan “baheula”. Tottenham and Chelsea are made up of zealous blue collar goons and racists. Adanya badan-badan sejenis PT untuk mengelola klub-perserikatan ini pun masih belum optimal.

How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization

When those emotions swell and become uncontainable, the fans erupt into dark, Dionysian fits of ecstatic violence. I’ve been lucky enough to have ffoer in Europe twice during Euro Cups. Foer perfectly captured the obsession and quite frankly, the hatred that existed during those years. Lewat buku ini kita bisa tahu bagaimana peran supporter Red star dalam kaitannya dengan Perang Balkan tahun an dan nasionalisme serbia.

It is true that he is some what biased in some places, but hey, I like Baracelona too. Another similar widely spread thesis holds that the root cause of violence can be found in the pace of the game itself. Glasgow’s shipyards and steel mills, which had practiced blatantly anti-Catholic hiring, folded in the wake of the ’73 oil shocks.

Dalam hal ini saya sepakat dengan aremania yang menyanyikan: No Abramovich with his magic wand to exploit wells and cashing money as if they were leaves throughout the fall season!