GIRASSOL FPSO Project / TotalFinaElf, Angola. The Girassol FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading Unit) contract for the topsides includes a DCS . While the history of floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) is paved with record cost overruns and delays, through the description of the Girassol. The Girassol FPSO hull is a double-hull design – with side ballast tanks over the full length of the cargo tanks, two fore and two aft peak ballast tanks, and single.

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All ballast tanks are painted and the hull exterior is protected by impressed current. Yokogawa is in charge of the maintenance contract for the Integrated Control and Safety system which includes assistance on site for all components: The living quarters provide accommodation for girasxol into eight executive cabins, twelve single bed cabins.

The FPSO described here is now the only visible facility of this pioneering project for the offshore industry Figure A Main tanks are equally distributed portside and starboard side.

Yokogawa is very pleased to have been able to take part in this major project, which requires not only long-term support and integration but also co-ordination and close partnership with the key players.

Further developments are being assessed, and would consist of additional risers and associated utilities on the FPSO. Peer reviewed only Published between: Publishers Content Coverage Privacy. Proceedings of an international conference Subsea Controls and Data Acquisition ‘ Co-ordination, team spirit and parallel engineering were the keys to successful completion of the assignment.

The initial “fast-track” approach of the Girassol development required the FPSO execution to face the following challenges: The FPSO is equipped with: Yokogawa was able to achieve this using its standard tools.

Sheriff’s Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics, fourth edition. Parallel reservoir fso and surface facilities development; Interface data issues due to different schedule in design development between UFL and FPSO; Management of significant design data changes in throughput and treatment capacity during contract execution; Additional challenges to the FPSO development came from the following adverse events which occured during the course of the project execution: Name of the ffpso.


Support and safety systems are designed for people including visitors.

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Proceedings of an Flso Conference Submersible Technology: Once this phase had been completed and validated by all the partners, the application configuration was performed using user friendly tools which secured the application and facilitated the tests. The Operator, in developing the FPSO, employed parallel engineering, functional girasaol and an early involvement of the industry with an original contracting strategy in order to achieve the Girassol field development in less than six years from discovery to first oil setting a new standard for the Industry.

These tools also helped during pre-commissioning at the yard, towing some of our engineers had a free cruise on board the FPSO to finalise some modifications!

Proceedings of an international conference Girassil and Deepwater Techology: The ability to perform modifications on-line is an essential factor in ensuring uninterrupted production. Accommodation and life saving The living quarters provide accommodation for persons into eight executive cabins, twelve single bed cabins, sixty double bed cabins.

Girassol FPSO – A Barrel Full

The key dates for the project were: Contact a Yokogawa Expert to learn how we can help you solve your challenges. Abstract While the history of floating production storage and offloading FPSO is paved with record cost overruns and delays, through the description of the Girassol FPSO project, this paper presents the ways and means used by the Operator- TotalFinaElf – to manage the successful development of the world’s largest deepwater FPSO installed in the Girassol field, offshore Angola.

Sailaway of the FPSO from the construction yard in South Korea occurred at the end of March at a level of completion and commissioning never achieved before for a production unit of such complexity. The methodology for keeping track of modifications is of course closely monitored.


Log in to your subscription Username. The completion, just 33 months after the award of a contract based on functional specifications, constituted a new benchmark for future FPSO’s. Another key success factor was that Yokogawa shipped equipment to certain package vendors in order to validate the interface up as far as the man-machine operator interface. Advanced search Show search help.

Since the technology used in the process is new, and as wells start production one by one, the tools have to be very flexible so that modifications can be carried out online and single modifications downloaded without stopping production.

The main difficulty of the project lay in fspo fact that only pre-basic engineering studies had been completed when the DCS was awarded, meaning that the engineers working on the project had to perform several tasks in parallel during detailed engineering. Accommodation and life fpsl. Cofferdams are installed between methanol and cargo tanks, and between machinery space and cargo tanks. From the first months after discovery, the Girassol FPSO development history described here presents how the Operatorand its Contractors, through the contracting strategy, the main architectural choices and project execution, faced these challenges and managed the successful FPSO development, crowned by first oil 41 months after girxssol sanction.

The hull firassol subcontract was performed in 19 months and the construction of the 25,tonnes topsides subcontract was done in 21 months. Very buoyant shipyard market; Reallocation of topsides construction and integration site.