How to Use This Manual. Licensing v and FLEXlm versions through The FLEXnet Licensing Programming and Reference Guide is for. The Software was developed fully at private expense. All other use is prohibited. Book Name: FlexNet Publisher R3 () License Administration Guide. This manual explains FLEXlm for administrators and end users and describes The FLEXlm Programmers Guide and FLEXlm Reference Manual are for.

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Borrowing is prlgrammers in a related U. Active Internet connection recommended for access to patches, documentation, and other important information from the Wind River Support site.

Help Online – License – FLEXnet Server Setup for Windows

It is also possible that the client computer 12 may not be re-connected to the network and may not return the commuter authorization to the issuing license server 14 within the gjide authorization lifetime.

Assume, for this illustration, that all three license servers have been started up, and that license server A has been designated as the leader server, and B and C as the follower servers.

FAQ Do I have to deactivate my old progarmmers license before getting started with my new version?

FAQ-7 Can I convert the trial into my purchased product? Can I do this? In addition, other information such as the requested software program is communicated to the network administrator. FAQ Why can’t I paste text into the license dialog?

Another attribute of the RLF 24 is the distribution of the allocations across all the license servers Why do I see this message and what can I do to solve it?

Each network user may have a copy of a protected software program, but must communicate with the license server for authorization to use the protected program. FAQ I am the Administrator of a node-locked group license. The client computer may then use the protected software while coupled to or decoupled from the communication network until the commuter authorization lifetime expires.

For example, prior to leaving for a business trip or working at home, a user can request a commuter authorization for one or more protected applications from a client computer 12 connected to the network.

In addition, in further alternative embodiments, multiple pools of license servers programners reside on a single network. In addition, in alternative embodiments, the commuter authorization lifetime and the check-in value are communicated from follower server C to the other license servers 14 in the server pool and stored in memory so that even if follower server C should go down, the other license servers 14 in the server pool can take over the management of the issued guire authorization.


Intel Pentium 4-class processor minimum, 1GHz minimum.


FAQ When I try to get a license, why do I see a message telling me the license has been upgraded and that licenses for previous versions are no longer available? If the granting license server is down at the time the client library sends the commuter authorization check-in message, this message will be sent to another license server in the pool, and check-in will be managed by that license server. FAQ I have registered Origin. License Administration utilities must be installed on a machine which meets the minimum system requirements below: There is some mismatch between your installed Origin version or serial number, and that of the FLEXnet license service Check with your Origin administrator.

Therefore, it is an advantage of embodiments of the present invention to provide a license management system and method for more efficiently managing licenses on a network using a pool of multiple license servers. To check for the presence of this environment variable, open Control Panel System Change Settings on the client’s computer.

As described earlier and illustrated in FIG. How can I resolve this? However, such techniques typically require each authorized users progtammers obtain or be passed a decryption program or key, in advance of usage of the encrypted program. Continuing guuide example of FIG.

US USB1 en One of the servers may be designated as a primary license server, while the tuide are designated as backup servers. Such a system provides a degree of protection against system failure, in the event that one of the license servers crashes or goes down. The contents of each of these applications are incorporated by reference herein. FAQ Can I allow previous versions programmerz run on my upgrade license to allow extra time to upgrade the client installations?

Accordingly, more sophisticated license management software has been developed for managing software licenses for computer networks, which do not require encryption of the protected software or special hardware devices in each authorized user’s computer.

In the example embodiment of FIG. A system as recited in claim 4the requesting client computer being programmed for returning the commuter authorization by setting its check-in value to a returned state and communicating a check-in message to the granting license server; and the granting license server being further programmed for setting its check-in value to the returned state and incrementing its count of available allocations upon receipt of the check-in message.

It should be noted that in preferred embodiments of the present invention, follower server C may receive multiple requests progarmmers commuter authorizations from client computers 12and may grant as many commuter authorizations as there are available allocations.


FLEXlm End User Manual

A system as recited in claim 1the requesting client computer being programmed for enabling a user to select the license server flexlj which to request a commuter authorization.

Unlike the license table 34the distribution table 36 changes its current distribution 40 over time, to keep track of current allocations. Download the zip file above, extract the files in a directory and run the Setup program appropriate for your host:. In preferred embodiments, license codes 26 for software produced by more than one vendor may reside within the same RLF 24 of the same license server 14and may be managed with a single process execution of the license management software running on a single license server FAQ I am an auto-upgrade user.

Once a commuter authorization is granted, the client computer 12 can be disconnected from the network, and can independently instantiate the protected application one or more times using the commuter authorization. When a user starts to run the protected software program, the shell code or library of API functions provided with the program communicates a request to use a license to the license server, over the network. A method as recited in claim 10the step of granting a commuter authorization to the at least one client computer from the at least one license server further including programjers steps of: Because neither the client computer 12 nor the license server 14 will respond to the lack of pinging when pinging is disabled, communication between the client computer 12 and the server pool can cease for long pfogrammers of time.

In alternative embodiments of the present invention, this can be accomplished by communicating with the network administrator.

System for securing protected software from unauthorized use in computer networks. However, if an insufficient number of allocations are available, in preferred embodiments follower server C may then issue a borrow request in an attempt to borrow an available allocation from another license server Instead, only one license management program needs to be running on a given license server 14to manage licenses for protected vendor applications managed by that license server. The network administrator is then provided encrypted commuter authorization information as described above.

A system as recited in claim 1the requesting client computer being programmed for enabling a user to select the commuter authorization lifetime. In further alternative embodiments only a single license server is required for issuing commuter authorizations.