Experiencing the depth of jesus christ pdf. These excerpts from Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ by Jeanne Guyon will guide and inspire your meditation. Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ was written in by a French mystic Madame Guyon. She teaches how one can seek and. One of the most influential spiritual books ever penned, even secular historians acknowledge the great impact Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ has had.

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Let this, then, be done in you; and suffer not yourself to be attached to anything, however good it may appear; it is no longer such to you, if it in any measure turns you aside from what God desires of you. It is true, indeed, that he who would seek God, and is yet unwilling to forsake his sins, shall not find him, because he seeks Him where He experiiencing not; and, therefore, it is added, “Ye shall die in your sins.

It took me at least guyob year to work through it, and I still haven’t mastered everything, not by a long shot. L OVE only is required: If any will thus pursue the little path I have pointed out, it will lead them to infused prayer. T HOUGH God has no other desire than to impart Himself to the loving soul that seeks Him, yet Jeannee frequently conceals Himself from it, that it may be roused from sloth, and impelled to seek Him with fidelity and love.

We must therefore be resigned to the Spirit of God, giving ourselves up wholly to his divine guidance. God originally formed us in his own image and likeness; He breathed into us the Spirit og his Word, that breath of Life Gen.

Jesus Christ, to whom we are abandoned, and whom we follow as the way, whom we hear as the truth, and who animates us as the life John xiv. As soon as anything is presented in the form of suffering, and you feel a repugnance, resign yourself immediately to Oc with respect to it, and give yourself up to Him in sacrifice: You are commenting using your WordPress.

The infant hanging at its mother’s breast, is a lively illustration of our subject; it begins to draw the milk, by moving its little lips; but when its nourishment flows abundantly, it is content to swallow without effort; by gjyon other course it would only hurt itself, spill the milk, and be obliged to chriwt the breast. The impact of this book has affected many saints of old and new and these writings completely shook the Roman Catholic Church. She was imprisoned at Vincennes in Decemberand the next year moved to Vaugirard, under a promise to avoid all receptions and correspondence, except by special permission.


Now, when deptn soul by its efforts to recollect itself, is brought into the influence of the central tendency, it experienccing gradually, without any other force than the weight of love, into its proper centre; and the more passive and tranquil it remains, and the freer from self-motion, the more rapidly it advances, because the energy of the central attractive virtue is unobstructed, and has full liberty for action.

I can’t wait to thank her in person!

Thou canst do it; and I know Thou wilt do it by this little work, which belongeth entirely to Thee, proceedeth wholly from Thee, and tendeth only to Thee! Come ye dull, ignorant, and illiterate, ye who think yourselves the most incapable of prayer!

Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ (June edition) | Open Library

The fire no longer touches it; and were it to remain an age in the furnace, its spotlessness would not be increased, nor its substance diminished. The spirit of divine filiation is, then, the spirit of divine motion: Apr 14, Justin Heath rated it it was ok.

Jeanne Guyon’s has played a major part in the lives of more famous Christians than perhaps any other Christian book. It is not sufficient to fit it for use that the earthy part should be changed into gold; it must then be melted and dissolved by the force of fire, to separate from the mass every drossy or alien particle; and must be again and again cast into the furnace, until it has lost every trace of pollution, and every jsus of being farther purified.

All that we wish, then, is, that souls would press toward the endtaking the shortest and easiest road, and not stopping at the first stage. Libby recommended this book to me. Let spiritual fathers be careful how they prevent their little ones from coming to Christ; He himself said to his apostles, “Suffer little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ

The impurity which is so fatal to union consists in Self-appropriation and Activity. Jun 27, Dave rated it it was amazing. Come, sinners, to your Saviour! First, as soon as the soul by faith places itself in the presence of God, and becomes recollected before Him, let it remain thus for a little time in respectful silence.

When they find that the will should be employed in loving, they jewus desire to love, and will implore Him for his LOVE ; but all this will take place sweetly and peacefully: But as the apprehended difficulty of an undertaking often causes despair of succeeding and reluctance in commencing, so its desirableness, and the idea that it is easy to accomplish, induce us to enter upon its pursuit with pleasure, and to pursue it with vigor.

Surrender yourselves then to be led and disposed of just as God pleases, with respect both to your outward and inward state. I got lost sometimes on what exactly she means, experienclng overall the disciplines of silence, meditation and listening the Lords voice instead of all the talking we do in prayer were good challenges and reminders for me in helping my prayer life.


Augustine, “and then do what you please. But besides the attracting virtue of the centre, there is, in every creature, a strong tendency to reunion with its centre, which is vigorous and active in proportion to the spirituality and perfection of the subject.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The most ignorant often become the most perfect, because they proceed with more cordiality and simplicity.

If they feel an inclination to peace and silence, let them not continue the words of the prayer so long as this sensation holds; and when it subsides, let them go on with the second petition, “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven! In no way but by leaving and forsaking ourselves, that we may be lost in Him; and this can be effected only by annihilation, which, being the true prayer of adoration, renders unto God alone, all “blessing, honor, glory, and power, forever and ever.

Her method of a deep practice of knowing God, and allowing Him space to work in your life is incredibly simple and manageable for all of us.

Be not like those who give themselves to Him at one season, only to withdraw from Him at another. Some excuse themselves by saying, that there is danger in this way, or that simple persons are incapable of comprehending the things of the Spirit. It is a small matter to be devout and recollected for an hour or half hour, if the unction and spirit of prayer do not continue with us during the whole day.

Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ (Madame Guyon) – Seth Tan

The purest love is that which is of his immediate operation in the soul; why should experiening then be so eager for action? But doubtless you will not, when you have learnt the method, which is the easiest in the world. By the destruction of self, we acknowledge the supreme existence of God.

I grant that they do not act of themselves; but they are drawn, and they follow the attraction. All endeavors merely to rectify the exterior impel the soul yet farther outward into that about which it is so warmly and zealously engaged.