EXFO’s AXS Handheld OTDR series covers the whole range of short-haul OTDR test The AXS All-Fiber OTDR combines singlemode and multimode . Search among more than user manuals and view them online EXFO’s AXS does not interfere with the CO’s laser transmitters, as it uses. otherwise, without the prior written permission of EXFO Electro-Optical. Engineering Inc. Use the following general instructions to navigate through the AXS/ menus and Specify a value between 0 and dBrnC if the ANSI.

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Managing Test Results Creating Folders Creating Folders For easier data management, you can create folders from several panes in the application. Troubleshooting Transportation You may also be requested to provide the firmware or software version numbers.

Otherwise, you will not be able to transfer data.

3F68 – EXFO AXS-110 SM Fiber Access OTDR Power Meter VFL

Requirements Our normal service includes 90 day warranty, all standard accessories and manuals, and restoration to “nearly new” condition. If necessary, set the launch fiber length see Setting Analysis Parameters on page Page 4 Contents 6 Testing Fibers The power meter port is independent of the OTDR port s. You will hear a first beep; release the key after you hear a second beep. When you switch wavelengths, the modulation remains the same.

Please correct the issue indicated and resubmit or contact us via email or toll free at and we will be happy to assist you with this request. It also displays the length of the fiber under test.


If desired, press New Folder to create folders for more information, see Creating Folders on page Troubleshooting Obtaining Online Help Obtaining Online Help Context-sensitive help is conveniently available at all times to guide you through the use of your unit. Highlight the desired file or folder, but do not select it by pressing Enter. Index probe autonaming image files Ports and connectors on your unit may differ from the illustration.

Page 74 Managing Test Results Creating Folders Creating Folders For easier data management, you can create folders from several panes in the application. This feature is available only if your unit is equipped with a VFL port. The source status is indicated with a LED in the status bar and with the Active indicator under the keypad.

Please provide the requested information to receive an estimated shipping cost. Error Sending Request We are very sorry but an error on the server is preventing your request from being processed. Testing Fibers Launch Conditions for Multimode Measurements Launch Conditions for Multimode Measurements In a multimode fiber network, the attenuation of a signal is highly dependent on the mode distribution or launch condition of the source that emits this signal.

Simply connect the fiber, press FasTrace, and view the result. B Description of Event Types This section describes all types of events that may appear in the events table generated by the application. To set the ping autonaming scheme: Using bulkhead adapters, connect the fiber under test between the reference patchcords one patchcord is already connected to source and the other is connected to power meter.


It also indicates the total loss produced by the merged reflective events following xas-110 in the events table. exffo

EXFO AXS for sale $ | | AccuSource Electronics

To navigate in the online help: Turn Pull Push 2. Its proprietary FTTx software package enables you to view all results at once and easily assess link status. Pane After acquiring a trace, you might want to view details about the acquisition. Setting Storage Parameters To set the file format: Press Enter to open the Distance unit list.

If the Automatic zoom on fiber span feature is selected in maunal OTDR setup, the application will zoom in between span start and span end. Page Page 12 Testing Network Connections The two axz-110 common basic tests widely used in networking are the ping test and the trace route test.

Tell us about it. Before connecting your unit to a computer, you must install the required software on the computer. Your unit can display traces saved in native. In the same way, the attenuation reading performed by any test instrument will also depend on the mode distribution of its light source. Not all pulse widths are compatible with all wavelengths.