Palabras clave: Evaluación de credibilidad; discapacidad intelectual; criterios de .. La prueba pericial psicológica sobre la credibilidad del testimonio. la pericial psicológica de la credibilidad del testimonio. En un estudio de archivo, . las técnicas tradicionales de evaluación psicológica que son totalmente. A.L. ManzaneroProcedimientos de evaluación de la credibilidad de las MuñozLa prueba pericial psicológica sobre la credibilidad del testimonio: Reflexiones.

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Underlying processes behind false perspective production: Detecting deceit via analyses of verbal and nonverbal behavior in children and adults. When subsequently questioned about the credibility of the testimonies, they stated psicologoca those testimonies given by a person with ID were considered less credible.

Behavior & Law Journal

Journal of Applied Psychology 87, — Juror’s perceptions of adolescent sexual assault victims who have intellectual disabilities.

None of the phenomenological characteristics studied turned out to be significant for discriminating between actual and simulated victims. The development of statement reality analysis.

Child Abuse and Neglect, 31 11 Experimental Aging Research, 31 2 International developments in research and practice pp. American Journal of Psychotherapy, 55, Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 18 7 Child abuse and Neglect, 14, Psychology, Crime and Law, 11 1 Half of the observers were told beforehand that the witness had moderate intellectual disability, and the other half were told that the witness was a person who was developmentally normal.


Article received Revision received Accepted Forensic psychology has proposed various procedures for evaluating credibility through analysis of statement content Manzanero, Human communication research, 30 1 As subsequent research was expanding the list of differentiating attributes see Table 1the data was showing, simultaneously, that the presence of these distinctive features depends on the influence of a host of factors.

Such procedures do not exist at dr time, however, which means that persons with ID are often excluded from the justice system or evaluated on the basis of testimojio comparison with children. If the criteria that enable us to distinguish between true and false statements are the amount of detail and the length of the statement-the first also being especially important in evaluating a testimony as “true”-what happens with all those individuals who have limited vocabulary, semantic and autobiographical memory deficits without which they cannot satisfactorily reproduce conversationsor difficulty situating events in a given context?

Prevalence of disabled people involved in Spanish Civil Guard’s police activity. In that study, in contrast to this one, the two types of statements could be distinguished with a Do perceptual and suggested accounts actually differ?

Evaluación de la credibilidad de relatos de personas con discapacidad intelectual

Thus, the temptation would be to use only these two criteria for an objective analysis of credibility and to discard the remaining criteria. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, 11 1 A researcher selected the participants, all of comparable IQ, on the basis of criteria for the “true” group-did go on the day trip-and the “false” group-did not go on the day trip but knew about the event from references made to it. Phenomenal characteristics of autobiographical memories for emotional and neutral events in older and younger adults.

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The developmentally handicapped witness. The lack of effect on most of the criteria would be due to an enormous variability and, in some cases, to the floor effect for, generally speaking, the statements were not very rich, phenomenologically.

Graphic representation using high-dimensional visualization HDV with all criteria taken into consideration shows that the two types of statements are quite heterogeneous. The sincere witness profile.

Psychological Review, 84, The psychology of criminal evidence. Improving the understanding of why the cognitive interview works. Eyewitness testimony and time of day.