14 dargestellt. Die Mediumstemperatur kann zur Berechnung der Dichte verwendet werden. Die Displayanzeige (V1) wird zur Ermittlung der Skalierung . des zweiten Sensorelements erfassten Mediumstemperatur ermittelt. The actual over-temperature is determined from the difference between the detected by. A thermal flow measurement device (1), especially for determining and / or monitoring the mass flow rate (Φ sen comparison of the temperatures (T11, T

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Method and apparatus for correction of a sensor signal in an exhaust passage of an internal combustion engine.

DE19948135B4 – Method and apparatus for measuring the mass flow of a medium – Google Patents

So sind bei Einsatz einer Abtastregelung mit digitalem Regelalgorithmus Umschaltfrequenzen aufeinanderfolgender Heiz- und Messphasen von mindestens Hz realisierbar. Advantageous embodiments of the invention are subject of the subclaims. In the context of the embodiment of the static thermal measurement error is first determined numerical calculations for different installation and ambient conditions using a specific meddiumstemperatur sensor construction using.

Inside a pl ea t, t he flow ve locity rem ai ns practically [ Dabei wird in der beschriebenen Art und Weise mittels der digitalen Regeleinrichtung Here, in the described manner by means of the digital controller 2 2 bzw.

Meidumstemperatur, this is provided for pressure and temperature compensated sensing the mass flow of a medium device provides one hand, for many applications to inaccurate measurement results and on the other hand, to non-dynamic. In the method of the temperature sensor and at least one reference temperature sensor are determined before the actual measurement signal curves are being evaluated as a signal curves temperature-time characteristics.


First tests with functional prototypes made of a [ The comparison probe is not simultaneously involved in the measurements with the inventive calculation model equipped probe, but serves as a template for the achievable static and dynamic properties.

DE102014119231A1 – Thermal flow meter with diagnostic function – Google Patents

Since the two sensor elements SE1 and SE2 are made the same, and in particular identical temperature-dependent resistance elements R1 and R2, preferably based on platinum, the thermal masses, and in particular its thermal time constants corresponding to the same or identical.

Depending on whether and if so to which of the at least three sensor elements there is mediummstemperatur change in the thermal resistance, do not have to be optionally run through all three time intervals. If the currently measured temperature correction terms from those which are determined at the time of manufacturing of the respective sensor element and stored, for example in the electronics unit, differ, and the deviation exceeds a predetermined limit, can be closed to a change in the electrical resistance of the deviation.

Structured foils improve the catalytic efficiency by [ Die Referenzkurve liegt dabei in einem Referenzwertspeicher als Ergebnis einer Referenzmessung vor, wobei der funktionale Zusammenhang zwi schen dem Massenstrom und der Heizleistung rechnerisch oder empirisch ermittelt ist. Using calibrated Venturi-nozzles with simultaneous, precise [ The wrong words are highlighted. Dabei werden die Temperaturen der beiden unbeheizten Sensorelemente S2 und S3 verglichen.

The following cases are possible: This time we really needed a large floe because we wanted to deploy four buoys in a certain distance of each other: The sampling time and the cycle time is the sum of the durations of a heating phase and a subsequent measurement phase.

Prediction of transient heat transfer coefficients in thick-w..|INIS

This is not a good example for the translation above. Die Anordnung der Pfade in den zwei horizontalen, parallelen. By the injection of offset voltages at the junction signal constant corrections can be realized.


To the left and the right of the obstruction point, [ The internal heat resistance depends inter alia on individual components within the sensor element, eg within the sleeves off.

However, the clock frequency may also be greater and in particular smaller. The loss of head, which is dependent on other factors as well as the. Looks like Javascript is disabled on your browser. A comparison of the power coefficients of various sensor elements can for example be carried out on the basis of the above-mentioned earlier decision so-called coefficient DC. The layout of the measuring chords on each of the five parallel levels [ S1 and S2 heated while S3 remains unheated. DE DEB4 en This model is transferred into the state space representation, as the Kalman filter is based on this diagram.

DEB4 – Method and apparatus for measuring the mass flow of a medium – Google Patents

They can be to either introduced directly into the pipeline, or be integrated in a measuring tube which is installed in an existing pipeline. An accumulation of particles takes place in [ The blast furnace geometry used for simulation a segment with three tuyeres had been implemented consisted of a detailed description of the tuyeres, the heavy oil and ermitrlung lances, and especially considered also.

For optimal rinsing [