Enphase software puts you in charge of solar monitoring. With Enphase MyEnlighten, system owners can track their energy production, monitor their system’s health, and share their data with family and friends, all from a simple, mobile-friendly interface. Enphase Enlighten Manager. Enphase Energy: Smart Solar & Clean Energy For Everyone. Username *. Enter your Enphase username. Password *. Enter the password that accompanies. Enlighten-module-arizona-solar-phoenix Another compelling piece of the Enphase story is the Enlighten monitoring and analysis system that gives you.

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None of those appliances are on. Around we moved into a new house that was perfect for solar. But some Enphase installers flat out refuse to enable it. As far as the backup goes, most manufactureres are trying to avoid this for what I see as a valid reason.

I also have two Enphase enlighhten. The problem with the inverters both on the panels and the batteries is that they only update once every 5 minutes. Integrated Per-module Monitoring Enlighten automatically monitors the performance of every module in the system.

Enphase Energy – Enlighten |

Yes, I have seen PLC Power Line Communication enphse where communication between microinverter and Envoy can become an issue and relocation of Envoy is necessary, or worse, certain loads need to be shut off in order to monitor.

It can be a bit of a drama to get it operational but once working I have found the Enphase system very stable and reliable.

Enphase has the data enlgihten well sorted. July 23, at 1: Some days I would have to draw from the grid which costs nearly twice as much per kWh. March 21, at 4: I live in the Netherlands. I found enphase to be really helpful. Hi guys, for my money, if you want full granular monitoring on your system, simply purchase a solar analytics device like I did, this will give you, power produced, power consumed, power exported to the grid, daily reports, weekly reports, and enliguten reports, a very cheap and cost effective, monitoring system.


July 11, at The web-enabled, real-time platform enligjten collects your PV system data. Also check from Enlighten on the web portal login at Enphase.

What Ian had to go through is flat-out ridiculous and he is not the only person who has had problems. January 23, at 2: In any case I did not know and I contacted Bronwyn, poor thing, she then contacted Sunpower, but nothing ever happens, so I ended up contacting Sunpower myself and dealt directly with them, they then offered to replace the inverters and emailed Tindo to see if they could organise more inverters, Tindo did have OLD STOCK of Solarbridge rubbish, and despite the fact that by now they were no longer using these offered to supply them.

How can Enphase justify such a charge for what this box does?

April 8, at 6: Money down the drain! My understanding is there are two versions of MyEnlighten. If you have an issue it should be with your electrician who would be the person who installed it or did you tell him where to mount it?

A Reader’s Frustrations With The Enphase Enlighten Monitoring System

As an installer you are provided credentials elighten allow use of the installer side of enlighten. The battery might report that it is charging W, and that value does not change for 5 minutes.

Thanks Ian, have enilghten of that but my panels are on my shed some 50 metres from my NBN satellite point… My son is a guru in all this type of guff and he is trying to work it out for me. The APS inverters are only connected to phase one. I can extend the system in any direction later after it proves itself.

July 18, at 6: All my digital meter reports is how much I have imported and exported? In Australia, if you want the STCs that reduce the cost of rooftop solar, PV capacity can be up to one-third larger than inverter capacity.

March 13, at 2: Hi, I have a 16panel Microinverter with Envoy-s-Standard. February 2, at August 23, at 2: I have had this one particular site monitored via the Tigo Energy platform, and I think, I would be able, to pull the data, to show you the vast difference in micros to string inverters. And BTW a lot of companies are extremely happy to peddle their crap, but look out when it comes to warranty time, they all seem to duck and weave, and dont want to do whats right, enphasd the consumer, and installer.


Enphase Enlighten Energy

I would push for a longer warranty on the monitoring kit if i went through the process again. MyEnllghten produces an all inclusive report for production, feed in, charge and discharge in 15 minute intervals by month. July 24, at 4: My Envoy box is presently located inside the house connected with a Cat-5 cable to my Router.

MyEnlighten not initiated yet, bring it on. I saw how easy it was to install and set up an Enphase system years ago at SEI, and now I have 6 separate solar strings with 73 Enphase microinverters and easily monitor my system using eMail notifications and monthly reporting via Enphase Enlighten. The Enphase Servers — MyEnlighten interface is a webpage which requires the user to log on using a browser in common use.

This was accessed by a web browser, and I had an Ethernet cable connected to the box, you could also directly connect your laptop and see the same info if you wanted to. This last bit seems a real surprise after Enphase went to all the truble earlier this year to have Ausgrid agree to its export limit calculations! I have been going back and forth between my solar provider and my power company and they are both saying they are correct.

This is after I remove the consumption aspect out of the equation. So now I am looking for a solution with another CT clamp, this time over the battery, to complete the picture.

Are you located in Australia? Many years ago now, Ronald Brakels was born in Toowoomba. Have you reviewed the functionality of RVOutput.