Resmi olarak ne yazık ki YOK, ancak Elektrik/Elektronik bilgisi içeren FIZ(E) . Elektronik Elemanları, Duran Leblebici, Seç Yayınları, is recommended. Undergraduate. Studies Electrical Engineering, Elektronik, and Solar Energy. Papers · Duran Leblebici ELEKTRONIK ELEMANLARmore. by Birol şentürk. Recommended readings: • Elektronik Elemanları, Leblebici, • Yarıiletken Devre Elemanlarının Temelleri, E. Yang (Çeviri: Leblebici Y.),

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Maxwell denklemleri ve elektromanyetik dalgalar. To be successful in this course, a continuous study is recommended.

No one can evaluate what went in your brain without any hint! At the end of the exam period the copy sheet should be turned in along with problem solutions. BJT as a switch and biasing for analog applications. Electro magnetic oscillations and AC circuits.

Solutions of first and second order circuits, computer applications.

Leblebici, Duran

Semiconductor diode; leblenici structure, terminal characteristics, analysis of diode circuits. Please indicate all current directions and voltage polarities on your solution sheets. You can find solved midterm exam problems of previous years under http: Also always indiate the units in your solution.


Explains the operation principles and applications of semiconductor switching components such as thyristor, triac, diac etc. Compulsory Language of instruction: Current and voltage equations. Solutions of first ele,anlar second order circuits, computer applications. Have knowledge about applications in the business life like project, risk and change mangement; consciousness about interpreneurship, innovation and continuity. There may be unscheduled quizzes at the end of some classes.

Birol şentürk | Sakarya University –

Explains the operation principle of bipolar transistors and makes the designs of bipolar transistors circuits. Also always indiate the units in your solution.

Establish an effective written and oral communication rlemanlar a foreign language at least at the level of B1 in European Language Portfolio. Before joining the class, the students must study given materials personally. Meeting Time and Place: Electronic Devices Course code: The aim of this course is to equip the students with the required knowledge and skills about the physical principles of the operation of electronic circuit elfmanlar, the analysis and design of simple electronic circuits.


Sedra and Kenneth C. Two and multi-terminal elements: Basic information Course title: Basic definitions of graph theory. Be aware of the necessity for lifetime learning, follow developments in science and technology and constantly renew themselves. Atomic models, crystal structure, semiconductor physics, doping, current flow mechanisms, Continuity Equation.

Introduction, overview of topics, overview of basic knowledge required for this course. Transistor physics, physical characteristics of BJT, biasing conditions, current components, transistor parameters. Effect of the temperature. Electrostatic energy and properties of insulators. You will be penalized for missing units. I created a Ninova page for your section.