Codex: Craftworlds is a seriously awesome book. Index Eldar struggled, and there was a reason everyone was playing Ynnari. Now however. Hey everyone, Reecius here to continue the review of the new 8th ed Codex: Craftworlds review. This time, we will cover most of the units in the. It’s official – the next codex for Warhammer 40, (and the first xenos Older hobbyists among you may remember Craftworld Eldar, which.

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Depending on whether or not you’re going MSU with the Banshees, a standard 5-Banshee squad can appreciate having a 5-Dire Avenger squad covex along inside the Wave Serpent as a screening unit of sorts to give them a bit of cover fire.

And though eldra heavy Flamer profile on their Prism Rifles will likely give your opponent pause especially since the Spectres can simply eldad combat and light them up come your turnCQC is a definite shortcoming for the Spectres; most of their to-hit bonuses will be negated though not all of them and they hit back about as hard as a stiff sneeze in the wind. If the Avatar of Khaine is slain in the Fight Phase, do not remove it as a casualty. Your other troop choices don’t necessarily gain anything from being in a Saim-Hann detachment, aside fielding squads of Guardian Defenders to camp objectives.

The LoW units have been hit the hardest, and eladr there’s just not much that they bring cgaftworld the table for how much they cost both point wise and financially! While this is certainly useful, especially if you’re running lots of Scatter Lasersit’s also very expensive If you ran just a Battalion, you just burned half your total CP to do this once and can end up being somewhat redundant on weapons that have decent rending already.

Dark Reapers are always a solid choice as well, should you opt for the Footdar approach with your army. That friendly unit may make an out-of-sequence shooting attack. That unit can move and advance as if it were the movement phase.

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Eldar(8E) – 1d4chan

Autarchs and Farseers can offer very useful army wide buffs to supplement your non-statue units, should you need the extra support. Use Doom craftwogld the standard CP reroll instead. That all said, Alaitoc’s modifier is arguably more useful seeing as consistent -2 to hit modifiers are far more likely to keep your fliers skybound compared to the crraftworld likelyhood of making FNP saves when those shots manage to make eldsr through. Banshee Exarchs have a passive that is basically the Drain power which stacks with a Drain Warlock to make them absurdly resilient in melee.


Howling Banshees are good for clearing up hordes and tying up enemies in melee combat, while Striking Scorpions are better at dealing with MEQ targets and are more suited for backline assaults compared to your other choices. A squad of Howling Banshees grouped up with a elf Warlock Conclave can prove a relatively competent strike-squad that can handle most standard infantry relatively well. Have a Quicken Warlock and maybe an Enhance Warlock buff them up, and use the crfatworld movement phase to Advance as far up the board as you can, using the regular movement phase to get yourself into position for a charge.

Take extra relics, Eldar style.

Only dorks with wings and people with mind bullets get to lead the army now. If the are any enemy units within 1″, you can fall back If you want to pull this trick more than once, you’ll want Skyrunners, so your buffers can keep up with your Spears. Of special note, Shadow Spectres can become even more of a pain to get rid of if using Alaitoc’s “-1 to hit” rule, making them borderline untouchable at range assuming your Warlock is still casting conceal on them, that’s -3 to hit from 12″ or further!

Not only is he able to cast more powers each turn compared to his generic colleagues, but he can manifest them much more easily too. The Great Enemy 1 CP: Not much will be left standing after that. Yvraine is practically mandatory.

Vypers craftwirld quite durable indeed, and are reliable platforms for either twin Shuricannons or a more standard Heavy Weapon for your various needs. Despite how durable wraith units are, they don’t appreciate having to slowly slog it across the field with either melee or flamer-range weapons while your opponent lights them up with all manner of heavy firepower from half a table away.

Do note that using this tactic offensively will likely only work once or twice against most people, and even then you shouldn’t base your core strategy around it. The worst is knowing the simple elddar that infantry in general are far more reasonably priced and can do do their jobs better and more efficiently than that titan that cost you points to field and your left cragtworld to purchase.

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Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Eldar(8E)

Still a small price to pay for getting move-shoot-move back. Against enemy units or characters that rely ocdex one particular weapon to dish out the pain, this greatly enhances your Banshee’s longevity against key targets. Used at the start of your turn. Pretty useless given the low volume cocex fire: A unique little sub-division of eldar, the Corsairs are to the Aeldari as the Death Korps of Krieg are to the Imperial Guard; an overpriced Forge World exclusive faction with a fancy little twist on the standard way they’d normally play.

Unlike the Kriegers, the Corsairs are considerably less popular and as such, have significantly fewer coedx to play around with. Be careful though; Unless Jain Zar is within 6″ of your banshees, they no longer strike first in melee. Spirit Shield coxex CP: Your ad here, right now: This particular section will focus primarily on the Craftworld options for obvious reasons.

Iyanden is the best Craftworld by far for fielding units such as these, as the damage table ruins their effectiveness in other craftworlds. So technically if you wanted to run an all wraith army you would get more mileage from Ynnari’s Strength from Death.

They won’t be using Battle Focus anyway, so going Ynnari is a flat upgrade with Yvraine turning them into beasts. Regardless of your choice, a unit or two of Striking Scorpions makes for an ideal assassination unit, especially if accompanied by Karandras for the extra bite. Views Read Edit View history. In practice what this means is that the best ways of taking advantage of Strength from Death are to bring along a single Ynnari Detachment, containing Yvraine, optional support HQs e.

For one command point, you can designate a character with a Specialist Detachment keyword and they gain the warlord trait associated with that detachment. If you have the points to spare and are able to take a secondary detachment, consider just taking a Supreme Command detachment of Warlocks rather than cramming in a Conclave in your primary detachment.