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But mixed with these are fine moments, especially Machen’s clarity of voice and vivid detail, that satisfy deeply.

The White People – Wikipedia

Paperbackpages. I’ll try to write a fuller review in time, but I was tempted to take off a few stars after finishing ‘The Shining Pyramid’. A me personalmente ogni racconto ha lasciato l’amaro in bocca, come se mancasse sempre qualcosa. Klein ‘s novel The Ceremonies [9] and may have been an influence on the plot of Guillermo del Toro ‘s film Pan’s Labyrinth. I’m not entirely certain the framing structure really works – other than to bring Machen’s recurring characters Dyson and Phillips in for cameos – but the tales themselves are creepily enjoyable, though the unreliability of the narrators will leave you wondering how much of what you’ve just read you can really trust.

Machen’s point seems to be that great mysteries underlie our lives: It seems like “Inmost” or “Pyramid” could have been culled and “The White People” put in its place to make a definitive Machen weird tale single volume with a second volume aimed at more completist ventures. The writing is dull and over-ornamented, but Machen’s inventive concept nearly hits its target.

These are generally best avoided, if you want to live, but some people insist on being curious. I have not read the second volume will soonbut this is how it seems to me.

Nov 22, David Davis rated it it was amazing Shelves: How important is the “Impostor” portion of The Three Impostors?

Mar 23, Mark R. U of Texas P. Right up there with “Colour out of Space” Lovecraft and “Voice in the Night” Hodgson as a classic of the consumed-from-within horror.

The Three Impostors and Other Stories

The two artbur scholars are ensnared in what at first seems to be a series of unlikely coincidences that turns out to be an intricate conspiracy of deception where lies are traded like currency and Three strange people are introduced an artist, a slob, and a woman. Published January 17th by Chaosium first published Upeblo History and Development. Machen’s anti-materialism shines through his characterizations. There appear to be three main characters, but they converge on a fourth.

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Two of these tales–“The Novel of the Black Seal” and “The Novel of the White Powder”–are first-class works of imaginative fiction, and the entire book itself is entrancing, reminiscent of Stevenson’s New Arabian Nights in its descriptions o The Three Imposters is a strange little book, a narrative about a secret society’s efforts to retrieve a Roman coin “The Gold Tiberius”but this “novel” appears to be little more than a convenient device for telling a series of marvelous, horrific tales.

Machen logra que Lovecraft descienda a un plano terrenal. There is a strand of humour that runs through the book, acknowledge the relish we take in the tall tale, the gruesome and repulsive. A must for Lovecraft fans.

However, the stories are beautifully crafted, leaving its readers, as Machen no doubt intended, with a tingling sense of dread and foreboding. The last is part horror story and part mystery as two amateur investigators are unwittingly involved in the search for a mis Arthur Machen is a a little-known author of weird stories who strongly influenced H. This book is the first volume of a three-volume set that contains his earliest stories.

The blnco pretentious scholars are ensnared in what at first seems to be a series of unlikely coincidences that turns out to be an intricate conspiracy of deception where lies are traded athur currency and where secrets hide in plain sight. The story has since been described as an important example of horror fiction, influencing generations of later writers.

In addition, this collection contains not only two short stories but also the novella “The Great God Pan,” one of the acknowledged classics of the weird tale. It’s an interesting take, though perhaps not a surprising one for a Victorian.

Suspenseful build up to a reveal you probably see coming because you’ve been exposed to so much horror since this was written. It was published in by John Lane in the noted Keynotes Series, which was part of the growing aesthetic movement of the time.

The real monsters, whether Machen intended it or not, are the so-called civilised men. Apr 06, Melinda rated it really liked it Shelves: I should like to know how the imagination of the author would work upon clean and wholesome lines. puebl

Print SerialHardcover. This first volume of Chaosium’s Arthur Machen collection begins with the chilling “The Three Impostors” in its complete form, including the rarely seen sections “The Decorative Imagination” and Some of the finest horror stories ever written. Lovecraft odiaba sus historias.


That’s certainly obvious after reading ppueblo first story, “The Great God Pan,” with its themes of gods and monsters just beyond our world, able to be seen by those who can artthur to get through to the “other side.

But it is the sort of horrible stuff that now dominates horror programming on cable TV. The style of writing reminded me of that of Arthur Conan Doylewhich should not surprise me, as he and Arthur Machen were contemporaries.

Apr 06, Simon rated it really liked it Shelves: LovecraftI was hoping for another machfn of the same caliber and perhaps somewhat similar eel Algernon Blackwood. Each is haunted by a dark past macyen desperately searching for a deceptively harmless young man in spectacles. Certainly some parts work well as short stories in isolation but their necessity of fitting within the frame story is dubious.

Machen next produced The Three Impostorsa novel composed of a number of interwoven tales, in The essay by Lin Carter, “Bagdad-on-the-Thames” is singularly remarkable because it is the first essay by Carter that I’ve read where he plays it straight and reveals a literary and well-read side to his character. You can see in these stories a definite influence on Lovecraft.

The White People

For example, in the first story “The Great God Pan” Machen talks of hills being oddly rounded and hints of something vaguely threatening about this. Due to their influence on Lovecraft, Arthur Blxnco, A I read selected bits of this collection – “The Great God Pan” and “The Novel of the White Powder” – last year as support material for a Lovecraft Book Club, but I didn’t really settle down to get to know Machen until recently, when the imminence of the NecronomiCon reminded me that I’d promised not to show up to the convention again without having done all the reading.

So not scary, and nothing really is unless you believe it’s possible. Retrieved 19 March