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The baseline encounter rate 0estimated at 0. Consequently, its presence is favored on disturbed areas, or in crops such as sorghum, one of the crops found in the region. Importancia de los rastros para la caracterizacin del uso de hbitat de mamferos medianos y grandes hu,ana el bosque Los Mangos Puerto Lpez, Meta, Ecolocacij.

If anthropogenic environmental changes affect mammal communities, we hypothesized that the area with greater human disturbance would exhibit a lower diversity of medium and large mammals.

The number of these per meter along the transect was recorded. Diver-sidad de mamferos de talla grande y media de una selva subcaducifolia del noreste de Oaxaca, Mxico. The camera circuit was pro-grammed to remain active for 24 hours, and the camera locations were georeferenced with a GPS Garmin Etrex.

The area located southeast of La Venta was named the ‘disturbed area’, and it showed greater disturbance due to its proximity to centers of activity, changes in ecolocaicn use, and islands eclocacin 2. The estimated detection probability was 0 at an averaged distance of 1, m from the traps fig.

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Conser-vation Biology, 14 6: Hunting may also contribute to decrease the abundance hhumana increase the secretive and evasive behavior of some species. Most of my ebooks were either ePub or eReader, and those converted to Mobipocket with no difficulty.

La degradacin del hbitat y las actividades humanas al parecer afectan a la diversidad de especies de mamferos en la regin. A high interchange of species was also observed between zones.

The number of species ecplocacin in our study was si-milar to that reported by Lavariega et al. There is a marked dry season from December to May, and a rainy season from June to Animal Biodiversity and Conservation Conocimiento y conservacin de las mamilarias endmicas del Valle de TehuacnCuicatln.


However, their study was conducted in cloud forest, oak forest, evergreen forest, crop fields and coffee plantations. In terms of relative abundance, Urocyon cinereoar-genteus was the species with the highest abundance in the preserved area 0.

Moreno for her valuable suggestions and comments. Abundancia relativa y distribucin de los indicios de las especies de mamferos medianos en dos coberturas vegetales en el santuario de flora y fauna Otn Quimbaya, Pereira, Colombia.

Photographic records were prepared according to Botello et al. Index of diversity and. According to the Clench model, the species in-ventory is not fully represented, and it is likely that more species are still to be found in the area. Conservation Biology, 20 4: The authors would also thank C.

Animal Biodiversity and Conservation, To compare the Shannon index between areas, we applied the Students t test modified by Hutchenson Magurran, Corridors in real landscapes: The total values of diversity indexes in both areas of study show that the populations of mediumsized and large mammals respond to anthropogenic factors, which is reflected in a decrease in their diversity. The measurement of chronic disturbance and its effects on the threa-tened cactus Mammilaria pectinifera.

Anthropogenic determinants of ecllocacin and carnivore local extinc-tions in a fragmented forest landscape of southern Amazonia. The loss of these organisms could ecoloccain devastating effects because they contribute in many ways to the functioning of the natural ecosystem Alon-so et al.

A theoretical analysis of some indices of similarity as applied to biogeo-graphy. Moreover, these species influence the community structure and complexity on the trophic levels in which they ecolocacim involved, due to their regulatory role as preys and predators Roemer et al.

Ubicacin geogrfica y tipos de vegetacin en el entorno de la zona de estudio en el istmo de Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, Mxico.

Animal Biodiversity and Conservation issue () – [PDF Document]

Estudio de la abundancia relativa para mamferos en diferentes tipos de coberturas y carretera, Finca Hacienda Cristales, rea CerritosLa Virginia, Municipio de Pereira, Departamento de Risalda, Colombia. Tayassuidae Pecari tajacu Sr 3 0. Plankton composition and huumana parameters in the habitat of the Iranian cave barb Iranocypris typhlops in Iran.


ResultsThe least disturbed area was located on the Tolis-toque hill, hereafter called the ‘preserved area’.

Hamid Reza Rezaei, Dept. These high values of abundance may be related to 8 CortsMarcial et al. This area is dedicated to farming activities, with gallery forest areas around irrigation canals, and tropical deci-duous forest remnants fig.

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Di-versidad de mamferos de la regin de Nizanda, Juchitn, Oaxaca, Mxico. For this model, we estimated a genet density of 0. They found that herbivory by juvenile S. Considering the contours of the net probability of detection, we observed that animals with an activity centre within a buffer of m around the trapping polygon had a 0.

La diversidad y la abundancia de fitoplancton y zooplancton eran bajas durante todo el ao en la cueva con una media anual de 96,4 ind.

A cylinder of However, this diversity may be declining dramatically, due to hunting and habitat modification derived from crops and lives-tock. Se trata de una especie omnvora que depende del plancton para alimentarse. The greatest diversity in the preserved area may be due to the greater vegetation richness and greater canopy height, which increases the potential niches and provides more food resources, shelter, protection and escape opportunities to mammals Gallina et al.

Of all the records, 79 Each trapping campaign corresponded to 7day sampling occasions to generate a sufficient number of captures, thereby maximizing the number of sampling occasions without violating population closure assumptions.