Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State Comparison of the residential provisions of the ECCCNYS and the NYSECCC. By State law, all local government energy codes, including the NYCECC, must be more stringent than the ECCCNYS. NYC Energy Conservation Code. New York State (ECCCNYS ) to reflect the accual requirements of the code. REScheck or COMCheck printout forms must show “ECCCNYS ” in.

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Chapter 1: General Requirements, Energy Conservation Code of NY | UpCodes

Please visit our website periodically for updates. Section Referenced Standards. The following buildings, or portions thereof, separated from the remainder of the building by building thermal envelope assemblies complying with this code shall be exempt from the building thermal envelope provisions of this code.

The work or installation shall 200 be resubmitted to the code enforcement official for inspection and testing.

Administration and enforcement of this code shall be in accordance with local law subject to the minimum requirements of Part of Title 19 NYS Department of State Rules and Regulations. Where, in any specific case, different sections of this code specify different materials, methods of construction or other requirements, the most restrictive shall govern.

Ecccnyw enforcement of this code with respect to the construction project for which an interpretation has been requested shall be consistent with the interpretation issued by the Secretary of State. When within the jurisdiction of the City of New York, administration and enforcement shall be in conformance with the New York City Construction Codes. Create a new project.

If a portion of this code is held to be illegal or void, such a decision shall not affect the validity of the remainder of this code.

The New York City version must be used. Share URL Copy and paste the link below into emails, chats or browsers.

Supporting Documents How to Guides. The following need not comply with the provisions of this code, provided the energy use of the building is not increased: In jurisdictions that have adopted local energy codes in accordance with the provisions of Article 11 of the Energy Law, local code officials are permitted to interpret provisions added by the local jurisdiction ecccnyx provisions amended by the local jurisdiction to be more stringent than this code; such interpretations by local jurisdictions, however, shall not result in interpretations of this code by the Secretary of State.


Pursuant to section of the New York State Energy Law, and subject to the provisions and requirements of that section, any municipality has the power to promulgate a local energy conservation construction code that is more stringent than the Energy Code.

Section Interpretation of Code Requirements. Standards or requirements of this code may be varied or modified only pursuant to Section of the New York State Energy Law. New York State Energy Law section bas in effect at the time of adoption of this code, provides that in the case of the renovation of an existing building, this code 1 shall apply only if the renovation is a “substantial renovation” i. Upon receipt of a complete request for an interpretation signed by only the building permit applicant or the code enforcement officialthe Secretary of State shall provide written notification to the party who has not signed the request for an interpretation that such request for an interpretation has been filed with the Department of State.

Once the PAA drawings have been approved by Sustainability Enforcement you will receive an email stating that your submission has resolved the violation for which it was submitted. When compliance is achieved through computer software programs the documentation shall include all of the worksheets associated with specific building elements.

This code shall regulate the design and construction of buildings for the effective use of energy. These drawings, including the energy analysis, must be submitted to the Department for approval. This code shall apply as provided in this Section The progress inspector must certify that all Progress Inspections noted on the original TR8 and on TR8s filed with in any post-approval amendments PAAs have been satisfied.

The authority having jurisdiction shall be permitted to determine a national, state or local energy efficiency program to exceed the energy efficiency required by this code. An alteration that replaces only the bulb and ballast within the existing luminaires in a space, provided that such alteration does not increase the installed interior lighting power. The body of the email should include the violationcomplaintproperty address, the intended date of ecccnnys, and a contact name and phone number.

Section Scope and General Requirements. The codes and standards referenced in this code shall be those listed in Chapter 6and such codes and standards shall be considered as part of the requirements of this code to the prescribed extent of each such reference. The construction documents shall be prepared by a design professional as required by the New York State Education Law Articles and The energy analysis must demonstrate compliance with the NYCECC and the preparer must sign and seal the analysis, certifying that the work is in compliance.


In New York City, such inspections shall be special or progress inspections and shall be performed by approved agencies. Drop in comments to help expand the code and communicate with your team. After the prescribed tests and inspections indicate that the work complies in all respects with this code, a notice of approval shall be edccnys by the code enforcement official.

If construction differs from the last-approved energy analysis prior to sign-off, the original preparer of the energy analysis must prepare an as-built energy analysis using the values actually used in the construction. To correct the violating condition in accordance with the 20110 plans Email energycodeinspections buildings.

Division of Code Enforcement and Administration

Additionsalterations or renovations to an existing building, building system or portion thereof shall conform to the provisions of this code as they relate to new construction without requiring the unaltered portion s of the existing building or building system to comply with this code.

Replacement of existing doors that separate conditioned space from the exterior shall not require the installation of a vestibule or revolving door, provided, however, that an existing vestibule that separates a conditioned space from the exterior shall not be removed.

A building shall be reinspected when determined necessary by the code enforcement official. If the construction changes result in a building no longer complying with the NYCECC, as demonstrated by a failed energy analysis, the progress inspector cannot certify on the EN2 Form that the work is in compliance and the application cannot be signed-off. The body of the email should include the violationcomplaintproperty address, the intended date of completion, and a contact name and phone number When ready for re-inspection, email ESWO2 buildings.

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Building spaces that do not contain conditioned space. Alterationsrenovations or repairs to walls and floors, where the existing structure is without framing cavities and no new framing cavities are created.

Project pages allow you to export groupings of code across different chapters and publications.