Notes. 1. Computer Architecture Q&A Part 1 2. Computer Architecture Q&A Part 2 3. Computer Architecture Q&A Part 3 · Home. Subscribe to: Posts (Atom). Anna University Department of ECE Semester: V Year: 3rd Yr Department: B.E Electronic and Communication Engineering Regulation: EC Computer Architecture and Organization Notes anna University lecturer notes unit wise unit 1, unit 2 unit 3 unit 4 unit 5. here you can find all notes for.

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By continuing fc2303 use this website, you agree to their use. Very generalised statistical module, useful to be done with GER Most reviews I have read mentions that some of the modules covered have been taught in JC Mathematics, and I heard that graphic calculators are not allowed for this.

Dr Yuan Ye TA: My advice is that you focus on understanding the next few topics as there will be heavy emphasis on them and keep practicing the methods.

Gone are the Finals! To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: These are all personal opinions and do note that assessment of the mods may differ depending on which year they are taken.


Review for EC Foundation for Econometrics – BREAKOUT

The average-median for this semester is in midterm! Then some questions were just duplicates until the nots just skips them. Redo these questions without referring to your notes to check your application.

Some people left the exam hall in less than 1hr. This site uses cookies.

With constant redoing a must have to survive, and punching of calculators, there is not many things that is notable and fun to commit memory. You are interested in statistics not necessarily economics as economics application is not mentioned in the moduleor compulsory if you are an econs major.

EC2303 Review – Foundations for Econometrics

The Homework should be released by the 5th Lecture and the 10th Lecture, but it is always good to check the folders constantly, just in case. These sessions were always over-crowded even for the small lecture room that he booked. Easiest marks to get. To make things difficult, the lecturer teaches the new topics with a lot of mathematical symbols learnt from previous topics. Practice papers was only be provided for Mid-terms, meaning there are only tutorial questions left.

There were a few worksheets where the questions dun really match what the lecture is talking about. The front 8 or 9 ontes relatively easy to grasp. Practice and understanding are all that you will ever need, along with your trusty calculator.


EC Computer Architecture: Notes

You nites commenting using your Twitter account. Without a good grip of the formulas and understanding the basic foundations, you will struggle a little in this module. Anyway, maybe you wanna rc2303 taking this mod in semester 1 coz I heard the lecturer might be clearer and the content might be easier to understand.

Lastly, the module ends with sampling distributions, point and interval estimation and hypothesis testing. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Remember how I badly I said I did for Finals? This module is motes into the following components: Not that I can do any better, but her lectures can get kind of confusing. Hopefully, they are of help to those of you searching for more info on a certain mod.

Did the reviews help? During these sessions, he compiled some questions and worksheets and summary notes for us omg they really really helped!

It is very dry. Dr Seo Juwon Tutor: Kidding luh but just try your best!