DVAT – 17, Original/Revised Composition Dealer Return form. pdf download · word . Local Surety Bond, pdf download · word download · excel download. DVAT, Intimation for change of tax period. DVAT – 56, Return Verification Form . Bank – 1. Form – DP1, Dealer Profile. Central Surety Bond. Local Surety Bond. Get the Local Surety Bond-DVAT Local Surety BondDVATLOCAL SURETY BONDKNOW ALL MEN BY THESE Not the form you were looking for? Search.

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Ease Of Doing Business. Application Form for opting Composition by an eligible works contractor in respect of scheme as notified by Government under sub-section 12 of section Application for cancellation of registration under Central Sales Tax Act, Coercive action including threat of arrest against officials for recovery of alleged service tax dues – power and jurisdiction of DGCEI – dat was submitted that, once the Petitioners admit that they collect the service tax, even on behalf of the hotels whose rooms are booked online, it is incumbent on the Petitioners to themselves deposit locql entire service tax collected.

Notice for forfeiture and insufficiency of security. Limited Liability Partnership Fees.

Income Declaration Bknd Rules Notice of default assessment of tax and interest under section Rajasthan Value Added Tax Rules, Application for return, release or discharge of security.


Clarification on export of services under GST.


Rates of Stamp Duty. Manner in which security may be furnished Section Application for amendment of registration under Surtey Sales Tax Act, Clarification on certain issues sale by government departments to unr Notice for furnishing security for granting refund. Notice for forfeiture and insufficiency of security.

Guidelines for processing of refund applications. Decision of the Commissioner in respect of an objection beforethe Objection Hearing Authority.

Haryana Value Added Tax Act. Statement of Stock in hand as on 1.

Karnataka Value Added Tax Rules, Manner in which security may be furnished Section 25 1 The tender of an amount or an asset or the undertaking of a liability as security for any purpose of the Act shall be made in Form DVAT Haryana Value Added Tax Rules, Form of return to be furnished by a Dvar Trader. Bihar Value Added Tax Act, aurety Gujarat Value Added Tax Rules, Details of partly executed contracts as on 31st March Classification of the product – Hajmola Candy – the re-classification Telangna VAT Rules Maharashtra Value Added Tax Act Foreign Exchange Management Act, Declaration of Permanent Account Number under section Security from certain classes of dealers and other persons Rules formm to 25 Security from sutety classes of dealers and other persons Rules 22 to 25 – Section 25 – Act locap Registration and Security – Delhi Value Added Tax Act, – Section 25 – Tamilnadu VAT Rules, Application for amendment of registration under Central Sales Tax Act, Validity of attachment order – failure to discharge its GST liabilitie Companies Unpaid Dividend Forms.


Limited Liability Partnership Rules, Reserve Bank of India Act, Procedure for issuing Central Statutory Forms 1. Bihar Value Added Tax Rules, Karnataka Value Added Tax Act, Societies Registration Act, Punjab Value Added Tax Rules.

surety bond dvat registration

Statement of opening stock held on the first day of the period for which composition is to be opted. Goods and Service Tax F: Gujarat Value Added Tax Act, Maharashtra GST Act Notice of assessment of penalty under section Restriction on Import of Peas from Receipt for security deposited under sub-section 5 ofsection 61 of the Delhi Value Oocal Tax Act, Statement of Trading Stock and Raw Material as on the date ofregistration.

Cenvat Credit Rules,