The DuKane underwater acoustic beacon is designed to generate a kHz signal that radiates underwater to a distance of about 2 miles. Works to a depth of . Find great deals for Dukane Underwater Acoustic Beacon DK Battery. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Dukane DK Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Dukane DK Technical Manual.

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Serial Number of the beacon s. Remove the old O-ring from the cover. Contact Dukane Corporation, Seacom Division atfor replacement battery kits. Lay out four holes as shown in Figure 5.

Dukane DK : Underwater Acoustic Beacon Technical Manual

Connect test leads as shown in Figure 22 andcheck for current leakage between battery andbeacon body. Purchase Order, for beacon replacement. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Reason for the return. The Eukane receiver system is operable from small dukanr or DK Series beacons consist of a self-contained battery, an electronic module and a transducer.

Page 20 Figure Any situation that could possibly crush orpenetrate the case of the beacon should beavoided. NOTE The mounting bracket can be used as a template to mark for drilling the holes prior to the installation of the beacon. Water Switch Location on Beacon Figure 1. The DK Series beacon should be tested before and xk120 installation in the mounting kit and at recommended maintenance intervals.

When a beacon is returned to the customer after warranty service, the remainder of the original warranty will be applied to the returned beacon. Use a high impedance voltmeter input impedance of 10 M ohms not required when usingTS or TS Test Set to perform the following procedure: Alternate mounting with threaded holes may be employed where structure does not permit nuts on rear side.

Because the old O-ring may have developed a set with age, O-ring replacement is mandatory at the time of battery change. This manual contains the de- 30 days when immersed in water. The aft mid-section of the aircraft is normally the most desirable location for the beacon, but consideration must be given to environmental conditions outlined in Section 2.


The beacon will withstand depths to 20, feet meters. Initially beacons must betested at every installation or beacon change.

Observe theclearances required as shown in Figures 11 and12, and in established tool and maintenance clearances. Call Dukane Corporation, Seacom Division at for appropriate service charges or further information about dukahe Service Program. For nonrecorder aircraft installations the recommended schedule is every six months. Clean the switch end ek120 the beacon with a soft cloth and mild detergent, then dry thoroughly with a clean cloth.

Always remove the beacon from the mount prior to marking or drilling.

Dukane Underwater Acoustic Beacon DK Battery | eBay

For DK Series beacons if the battery voltage is below the minimum acceptable voltage remove the beacon from service and contact Dukane Corporation cukane instructions. When long term storage of the beacon is required, the beacon should be stored in the original shipping container or equivalent. This section describes the installation of thebeacon mounting kits and the installation of theDK Series beacons into these mounts.

The pulse generated are approximately 10 ms in duration, and occur about once per 1 second as shown in figure below. Not less dm120 0. The DK Series beacon is a battery-operated underwater acoustic pulse generator that is activated when the water switch is immersed in either fresh or salt water. Be sure access to the securing plate end is available for future beacon installation and removal.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Surface to 20, feet meters Pulse Length Do not surround the device with these materials and if necessary, remove small areas of such materials from the immediate vicinity.


Perform operational test of beacon as outlined in Section IV. As shown on page 6 and 7, the DK Series beacons operate for 1. Replacement of the battery in the DK or DK beacon must be done by a qualified technician.

When the beacon is installed on the aircraft, the recommended schedule for beacon cleaning and testing is every 24 months, when the beacon is installed on a recorder and the recorder is installed in accordance with its TSO.

Remove shock cushion from battery end of beacon if not removed with cover. Model N30A26 SeriesMounting Kit Cradle Type is an aluminumextrusion with a screw-attached securing platethat provides rugged mounting and protection ofthe beacon within the aircraft.

Safety Data Sheets & Service Bulletins

Be sure that all four studs protrude approximately the same amount to insure that the strap seats properly around the beacon. Nominal Pulse Train will operate for a minimum of 30 days after being immersed in the water.

This section describes the installation of the beacon mounting kits and the installation of the DK Series beacons into these mounts.

Fresh or salt water Radiation Pattern Drill the four 0. In order to avoid rukane of moisture on the water-switch, the device should be mounted with the long axis of the beacon horizontal or with the water-switch facing down. If in doubt, wipe clean using mild detergent and a soft cloth. Seacom Service Department A.

Rotate the beacon in the mount so that the beacon replacement date can be read. When thebeacon is returned under warranty, ship to: Clean the switch end insulator to prevent leakage currents from occurring across the switch.

Water Switch Location on Beacon