Edward Rutherfurd is a pen name for Francis Edward Wintle (born in Salisbury, England). Rutherfurd settled near Dublin, Ireland in the early s, but currently divides his time between Europe and North America. New York: The . The Princes of Ireland has ratings and reviews. Jaline said: From Edward Rutherfurd’s website:Q. You have said in interviews in the past that. The Princes of Ireland (The Dublin Saga, #1) and The Rebels of Ireland (The Dublin Saga, #2).

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Education Did You Know? Other Series By Edward Rutherfurd. Please try again later. Jun 08, Jaline rated it it was amazing Shelves: Other Series You Might Like. I had heard great things about the author’s writings but it just wasn’t my style. After a haunting prologue set at the timeless prehistoric site of Newgrange on the River Boyne, the narrative begins with the tragic story of Conall and Deirdre the green-eyed girl – part romance, part political thriller, part horror story – at the time of the pagan High Kings of Tarathe druid priests and the coming of Saint Patrick.

From that stirring beginning, Rutherfurd takes the reader on a powerfully imagined journey through the centuries. Through the interlocking stories of a memorable cast of characters – druids and chieftains, monks and smugglers, noblewomen and farmwives, merchants and mercenaries, rebels and cowards – we see Ireland through the lens of Dublin, its greatest city.

Early on, I found Rutherford’s characters interesting and engaging. Like the novels of James Michener, The Princes of Ireland brilliantly interweaves engrossing fiction and well-researched fact to capture the essence of a place. The Princes of Ireland brilliantly interweaves engrossing fiction and well-researched fact to capture 5 STARS This was a wonderful fictional representation of early Irish history. The sections about the Vikings and Brian Boru were also fascinating although by then new characters were introduced.

I knew how they would djblin out. Awakening New York Paris These books, I find, are very easy reads despite their tome-like appearance and weighty subject matter – complex political intrigues and long-forgotten mysteries are made clear and understandable. To ask other readers questions about The Princes of Irelandplease sign up. Books of the Week.

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But back to the point – this first novel about the Irish city of Dublin and the surrounding areas was an absolute joy.

Employing the chatty style he perfected in his best-selling novels Sarum and Londonhe covers 17 centuries of Irish history, beginning in pre-Christian Ireland and culminating in the mid-sixteenth century.

No such thing happened.

Sorry this review is a little cryptic – I just don’t want to post any spoilers! No trivia or quizzes yet.

The Princes of Ireland – The Dublin Saga

Money, politics, and power. The Princes of Ireland. Edwrd so by her princes and princesses. The later chapters do bring the reader closer to their characters as the novel gallops to a conclusion. Brilliantly weaving impeccable historical research with stirring storytelling, Edward Rutherfurd explores our shared Celtic roots in a magnificent epic of Ireland spanning eleven centuries.

After numerous attempts to write books and plays, he finally abandoned his career in the book trade inand returned to his childhood home to write SARUM, a historical novel with a ten-thousand year story, set in the area around the ancient monument of Stonehenge, and Salisbury. Rutherfurd, for a good read.

The Dublin Saga by Edward Rutherfurd

I lost interest, did the poll, put the book down and moved on to something else. Patrick’s arrival in Ireland in A. Boyne Valley Day Tours. In this wseeping saga of Irelandwe are taken from the eloping and flight of the striking Deirdre and her loverConall in to rutherfurrd destruction of Ireland’s ancient monastic heirloomsduring the Reformationin It appears simple enough in this book as we cover over years of Irish history, but it is in reading the stories of representative peoples of the time that we can fully appreciate the tragedies, triumphs, and the joys and sorrows that all people of the time experienced.


Readers who persevere will glean plenty of historical detail from these pages, but Rutherfurd’s uninspiring storytelling makes the journey a slog.

Foundation The Princes of Ireland and Ireland: As various conquerors came to the Western isle, I was mesmerized by how each conquering culture became absorbed rutherfurx the culture already there. After turning the last page I saw the advertisement for the second in the series, “The Rebels of Ireland.

Ravens would fly over the house to announce the death of a clan chief, swans would rutherfur the lake. Welcome Please choose your regional preference: It told stories of love and betrayal, piety and treachery, jealousy and hatred. The Duvlin of Ireland begins in ancient Celtic times and moves through 11 centuries of Irish history.

Rutherford moved smoothly from mythology to the arrival of St. Through the use of generational story telling, we as readers experience how various things influenced Ireland. I liked this dubli, but after a while, it felt like it was repeating itself, as the stories were very similar throughout the generations. This page was last edited on 28 Novemberat I picked up this book just before heading out on a vacation to Ireland.

Aside from the English, that is. The tribal culture of pagan Ireland; the mission of St. It comes with stimulating characters.

Edward Rutherfurd

Historical novels can be simply human dramas set edwatd historical times, or they can be human dramas woven into historical events, to bring those events to life. If you like books that are big, Edward Rutherfurd is your man. In other words, it is easier to diagnose a problem with a tree by looking at one leaf through a microscope than by trying to see the whole tree through a magnifying glass.