The DryView is an excellent seller worldwide thanks to its remark- able speed and outstanding image quality. Includes. • DryView (14”x17”) PACS . Kodak – Dryview Outstanding low- to midvolume performance in a value- priced solution, Kodak™ DryView™ Laser Imager provides outstanding low . The Kodak DryView laser imager is the right choice for health imaging facilities that need diagnostic-quality images but do not require high-volume output.

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This equipment does not have a gas sealed electronics enclosure and could ignite any flammable or explosive dyrview present in its environment. Controls and Indicators Figure If you are interested in recycling and silver recovery, Kodak can provide your local recyclers with the information they need to get started. P Printer Error The imager is unable to print due to a system problem. Wait until S25 cartridge closing is displayed.

Calling For Support Serial Number: P Density Req The user has requested a density test print.

Dry view 8100 laser imager

Page 22 Controls and Indicators Figure In rare cases, film may stall in the transport area above the platen. This system ensures that density, contrast and other image quality dyview are constantly fine-tuned to produce high quality images. If the imager is unable to close the cartridge, a P error displays.


Caution Hot Surface Drum and rollers inside the processor are hot.


When the odor become noticeable you should replace the filter. If film is jammed in the drive rollers see Figurepull the green thumb tab to the left to open the rollers and free the film. Use of controls or adjustments, or performance of procedures other than those specified herein, may result in eye damage.

When you open the front door, the top sheets of film in the cartridge will be exposed.

Selecting the format order in which the images will be printed on film. Odor Dissipation But they do contain silver and polyester that may be recovered by using one of several recycling processes. Kodak shall in no event be liable for any of the following: If the imager cannot properly pick up a sheet of film and position it for drive, error P is declared. Selecting the number of copies to print. There is an error condition. The user can continue to acquire and queue prints, but the imager will not dryviiew until the condition has been corrected.

Display window messages are explained in Section 6. There may be more than one sheet. DryView Laser Imager The imager connects directly to up to three image source devices. Set the imager Power Switch to Dryvkew. See Removing Film Jams from Area 3 on page Local Panel Controls 9.


dryvieww Page of 75 Go. For serial number location, see Figure And even with the most exacting procedures, the potential exists to discharge hazardous materials into the environment. The intent of the message is to allow the operator dyview schedule a convenient time to have preventive maintenance and cleaning performed by a certified technician. Section 6 provides system specifications. Operation and Maintenance Opening the Front Door Manually When power is not applied to the imager, you will of course will not be able to open the front door via the Local Panel.

Display Brightness Set Keys — Increase or decrease the keypad display brightness. In deyview mode, any or all stored images can be erased.

Jams in this area occur as film is entering the platen before exposure, or as film is leaving the platen after exposure. Don’t show me this message again. This will close the film cartridge cover and then unlock the front door.

If this action does not clear the error message, call for service. Then the front door is unlatched.