Dregoth Ascending Part 2: The Quest. 1. Dregoth Ascending. Part II: The Quest. Version A Dark Sun adventure for characters of levels http://athas. org Dregoth Ascending Part 2: The Quest. Dregoth Ascending Part II: The Quest Version A Dark Sun adventure for characters of levels A Dark Sun adventure by for characters of levels Dregoth Ascending Part 1: The Day of Light.

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Rise of the Dead King.

The Wanderer’s Journal – Darkness Ascending: The Dread King Dregoth (Guest Post) – Terminally Nerdy

The Planar Gate, a psionically imbued artifact from the Green Age of Athas, offered a view to the king unlike he had ever scene. Deep within the darkened recesses of the earth, away from the scorching hammer of the crimson sun, a body stirred upon the boundaries of life and death.

She saw the ever growing strength of Dregoth, and feared he would soon ascend fully. Dark Sun – “Dregoth Ascending: They shall all… pay.

The Wanderer’s Journal – Darkness Ascending: The Dread King Dregoth (Guest Post)

Sunday, 26th December, Deep within the ancient ruins that New Ascehding would be built, the Dread King had discovered an artifact of immense power and bewilderment. Tuesday, 21st December, The Day of Light preview release http: Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Do you remember last time we spoke, that a rag tag group ascedning adventurers would turn the world on its head?

The Dread King promised his followers they would be led from the dark and into the light of the crimson sun, and would lay siege to the city of Raam. Not only would he build a seat of power, but he would also build a people worthy of his presence. Dregoth believed that ascsnding it in the blood of the Coruscation would be the final step in empowering the relic, and ultimately, be the final step in channeling ascendkng from the dray. Send comments to jon athas. As the magical bonds took hold onto his form, he would gather what was left of his Templars and subjects and retreat fair beneath the city.


Reset Fields Log in. After seeing their king rise from the dead as it were, Dregoth had no worry that his worshippers would be a firm foundation. Dregoth bore witness ascendjng true gods, and it only further enriched the ideas that the Dread King had searched for during his living years.

But we shall save this story for another time.

Then the body lurched up from the ground, the waves flooding the eye sockets and throat, and a great roar thundered forth, shaking the walls loose of stones and earth.

Good stuff – I will download it and read it over the Christmas break.

The Burnt World of Athas

Will we keep our Athas godless, or shall we see the birth of the Dread God in our time? He had revenge, bloody and dark to plot upon the Champions who laid waste to his beloved city and his life, and he would not be denied this revenge.

One thing is for asceneing Fostered by the chanting of one devote, stalwart ally, life began to return to the mangled body of the sorcerer-king. This preview release features part one of the Dregoth Ascending trilogy: For their sacrifice, Dregoth gave them a solemn promise of prophecy entitled the Coruscation. Dregoth was on the cusp of reaching that which Borys had adcending through the power of the dark lens, however, Ascemding was doing so on his own accord.

A final bump for Xmas. The Day of Light preview release available! As always, thanks for reading, and all hail the Dread God! Results 1 to 9 of 9. In one final sacrifice, from the blood of thousands of Raamites flooding the streets crimson, their faith would empower the sun, lighting it anew, and bring forth the return of the Blue Age. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. You can find Saevrick on twitter by clicking his name. It was a portal into the Outer Planes, and Dregoth would spend centuries travelling the numerous planes of existence.

Now this is a christmas present! It was in the ruins of his majestic city, upon the stones of his palace floor, flanked by the corpses of his Templars and the ashes of his ruin that Dregoth, Ravager of Giants, Champion of Rajaat, and the Dread King of Guistenal died. All Dregoth needed now was a symbol of power, a vestige and holy relic worthy of his prominence. Its visage lowered to the Templar before it, bathing him in a haunting, pale verdant hue from the waves of deathly energy gushing forth.


Brought to you by the design team at www. Abalach-Re, Queen of Raam and closest in proximity to the city of Guistenal had the most to fear.

The Burnt World of Athas – Preview release of Dregoth Ascending: The Day of Light

As this is a preview version of the adventure, feedback is still welcomed, pending a final release with full artwork asxending the near future. They came all at once, stealing into the palace, and laid siege to the powerful king. Unsatisfied with the power that Rajaat had given him as his Champion, The Dread King had searched for a path to become more powerful than any entity on Athas.

He vowed to rob them of life as he had been, but their people would have the choice to lie down in reverence to their new god king, or else join them in the afterlife. They would erect symbols of power in his name in their temples and streets, and bathe them with blood in his honor. There he would build New Guistenal, and plot bloody revenge. He called these chosen people the dray, and they reflected the draconic power of their master. Next time, we will take a look into the Prism Pentad, a series of novels that would change the entire scope of Dark Sun forever.

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