We present a case of Meckel diverticulitis in a boy of 7 years old, diagnosed by ultrasound and documented by surgery. We review the literature about the. Diagnóstico endoscópico de una invaginación por divertículo de Meckel. Article in Gastroenterology 34(9) · November with 3 Reads. El divertículo de Meckel se ha de considerar en el diagnóstico diferencial del dolor abdominal y la hemorragia digestiva baja, especialmente en la infancia.

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This saccualar structure had cm length Fig. Foi proposta laparotomia exploradora. At laparotomy was identified large amount of enteral fluid in the cavity, small bowel loops swollen and distended.

Intestinal Obstruction by Giant Meckel’s Diverticulum.

They are specific to each age group. A year-old male with diabetes, dyslipidemia, and overweight presented to the Emergency Department due to abdominal distension, vomitus, and epigastric pain which had started 16 h before.

We report the case of a year-old male who presented to the emergency department with epigastric pain, vomiting, and abdominal distension.

Current Surgical Therapy, ed Since preoperative diagnosis is difficult and infrequent, in most cases this anomaly is confirmed only during surgery. In adults, intestinal obstruction is more common clinical presentation, from intussusception mechanisms, volvo, enterocolitos or fitobezoares.

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Divertículo de Meckel

Resection of Meckel’s diverticulum was performed with certain degree of protection, the biopsy showed no remaining ectopic tissue. The optimal surgical approach is on debate. Meckel diverticulum; in Peter S ed: Clinically, he had a high intestinal obstruction without any mechanical cause on computed tomography scan.

Small bowel obstruction due to an internal ileum hernia twisted around a giant Meckel’s diverticulum with a mesodiverticular artery is very rare, and its diagnosis is challenging, requires a high level of suspicion, and it is only performed by exploratory surgery.

A small bowel segmental resection was performed, containing the diverticulum.

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Gangrene of Meckel’s diverticulum secondary to axial torsion: This work received no contributions, subsidy, or bourse. Despite the rarity of this kind of hernia, symptoms are similar to the vast majority of causes of small bowel obstruction: If there is no evidence of strangulated hernia or bowel suffering, two thirds will be cured medically.

Incidentally detected Meckel diverticulum: Am J Gastroenterol ; It was held segmentary enterectomy encompassing the divdrticulo of the diverticulum and terminoterminal primary enteroanastomosis msckel two planes.

Clinically, he had a high intestinal obstruction without any mechanical cause on computed tomography scan. And the risk of complications is 4.

In conclusion, the rarity of the condition diverticulum perforated Meckel, combined with preoperative diagnosis unlikely that intestinal anomaly motivated this case report. Intestinal duplications, Meckel diverticulum, and other remnants of the omphalomesenteric duct; in Behrman R, ed: After hemodynamic stabilization, we indicated surgical intervention. Treatment of a Meckel diverticulum complicated should always be aimed at the surgical resection of the diverticulum. The abdomen had no palpable hernias, was distended with diffuse pain on palpation, and had no signs of peritonitis.


Rev Col Bras Cir.

Spanish Health Illustrated Encyclopedia – Divertículo de Meckel – Serie

In our patient, length of the diverticulum produced the pain’s atypical location in the epigastrium. This patient was referred to the operating room idverticulo underwent bowel resection segment encompassing the area of the diverticulum and terminoterminal primary enteroanastomosis on two levels with good evolution.

MD is found on the anti-mesenteric border of the ileum, located within 90 cm of the ileocecal valve. Axial torsion of a MD is a rare complication. An abdominal computed tomography CT was requested, which showed a not-enhanced intestinal loop with thickened walls in supramesocolic region.