Bergmann, O. – Deutsche Flugscheiben und U-Boote ueberwachen die Weltmeere 2 (, S., Scan). Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Sept. Heimlicher Krieg zwischen Deutschen und den Alliierten. Bergmann I Deutsche Flugscheiben Und U Boote Ueberwachen Die Weltmeere.

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To forgo any misunderstandings: This page Changes since Changes since Changes since Changes since Changes since Changes since Changes since Further, the context provided by these writers involving the occult, channeling, and extraterrestrials.

So Hitler had him fly to England.

Seiger Prime Minister The original document as as Pdf file. In the meantime our claims for compensation against the State of Brandenburg and the liquidator have reached a sum in the two-digit million Euro area.

Prosecutor General Berlin, Ralf Rother.

So again in the case of Rudolf Hess. Just as an internal combustion engine can be described as a “heat pump” so can the flying saucer drive of Mr.

Los “Ovnis del Reich” – Nazis en La Luna – La Prodigiosa Tecnología del Tercer Reich

Lyne be described as an “ether pump”. In fact there remains little doubt that this propulsion was, in fact, field propulsion.

This document and the attachments as PDF. With the Brexit decision the UK has given the kick-start for a renewed orientation in Europe. I expect of you to give me an answer until the 15 th October or to give me appropriate proposals of how to proceed jointly.


Was this related to the Schappeller device? Press release July 11, Seiger we will point out the following for the present and future proceedings: We ourselves were forced to find that the attitude towards us by the FRG, especially the Brandenburg Judiciary, has deteriorated.

World Bolshevism in a military-technological streak of bad luck or on the way to military defeat? Hoy sabemos que llegaron a construirse 17 aparatos de la serie Vril The ego of J. We leave it up to you to publish the contents of this email.

Our efforts to advance Vril research with the USA under several presidents for the good of humanity have repeatedly failed for the reasons known to you.

Greetings for 2016-2017

The Existence of the Thule and Vril Societies. Since he observed the saucers in the s and s, he knew flugscheibe any explanation of their workings must be limited to the technology present in the s or earlier. Here, we will focus on just three pieces of evidence, that of an eyewitness, a German pilot, who saw such things on the ground, a Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee report and an.

The convex shape of the flugschfiben half of the saucer projects the electrical attractive force, generated by a di electronic component,in an ever expanding arch over the saucer.

Admiral Canaris and Colonel General Udet in particular had recognised the scope of the Vril technology and secured its continuation past the end of the war. Known as the V-7, it had no rotating parts and was driven by twelve adjustable jets, five rearward for forward flight and the other seven for directional steering. There reasons to believe this is correct. This is expressed by the visa in the diplomatic passports.

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Implosionsenergie Mailwechsel mit B. This deception is betwachen the scope of this book but what is important for us now is that sometimes a mistake or slip-up was made in writing or censoring these reports and hints of things of stupendous technological worth actually surfaces.

Deutsche Flugscheiben und U-Boote ueberwachen die Weltmeere Volume 2

A flying disk with Russian inscriptions was reported to have landed in Pomerania in Julywhile the motive power of the A. Thus it has again been established, as any informed person knows, that for any German citizen due to the right of weltmeers by the Allies USA the inviolacy of the person fails to be secured by international law.

Federal Chancellor U-bootr Merkel. Thursday, February 14, 9: Schuppmann’s interviewed an eyewitness to German saucers during the Second World War. But now and again — below the shameful coverlet of poor Historia that is going to shreds — at least some traces of her violation become discernable.

Barton in a couple of sensational books published in Los Angeles.