For Fallout: New Vegas – Ultimate Edition on the Xbox , Walkthrough by eolsunder. Detonado fallout new vegas pdf. 1 – GAME MOD – 2. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, unique weapon locations, walkthrough, guide, FAQ.

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Sanctity of the Dead. You cannot do anything here yet, just get it on your pipboy map. Continue NW at the intersection and head up the hill to the top, where a dead prospector lies among some loot. You can start any new game from here, once you leave the area you can change your character before continuing on into the wild.

Head to the tents on the left. Head southwest and further up the hills you will find 3 gravesites you can dig up for misc loot.

Quests do Fallout: New Vegas | Fallout Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Ghouls inhabit the Vault, so you might want to keep on your armor, not your radiation suit. Run across the room through the door and stay on the right side. I will simply tell you what nsw pick and what to do. Colonel HsuVulpes Inculta. Flogging a Dead Corpse. Check the “lower” door it might be open. Silly since he’s still not wearing armor.


Don’t kill named npcs of course. A marker on your map shows up.

Kill them for food and experience. Let’s start our next radioactive journey!

Equip it and activate it. You can take this entrance. Continue southwest to a large fenced in area by a truck, a small shack sits inside.

Quests do Fallout: New Vegas

A hollowed-out rock lies near the northern path near the village, and misc loot lies about the camp. A Grenade of some sort will reveal the 2nd cap, keep everyone away when you toss it. Very hard mode makes the game 4 times as tough as normal. Continue south towards some distance house ruins. Often there is a Dettonado merchant at the entrance inside who will give you ammo of some type if you need it.

Just push through it. Action boy 2 Lv Head north up the main road on the east side. The easiest way is to head east first and there is a north-south path that will lead south up into the hills.


Caesar Legion Safehouse Action boy 1 Lv Once you reach your cap of 64 or 80 in all skills then you can assign points into raising them more. Allied Technologies Offices You want go gather up all your stuff from Goodsprings, or where ever it is and stash it here for easy access. Talk with her to deotnado her husband is dead and agree to bring his body back. Get this weapon first thing. Head into the water heading east the water is fresh and clearand you will tallout the other shore into a small lagoon.

Table of Contents

On The Same Wavelength. Finish exploring and looting the level.

Tell him about the Ghoul Ranger Station and he will thank you and run off.