First published in serial form as Der Golem in the periodical Die weissen Blätter in –14, The Golem is a haunting Gothic tale of stolen identity and. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Geboren am in Wien, gestorben am in Starnberg. M., der “Bürgerschreck von Prag”, wandte sich dem. This item:The Golem (Dedalus European Classics) by Gustav Meyrink . Der Golem is an interesting, cleverly written and surrealistic story that has had some.

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At once I was fully alert again. Der Golem is an interesting, cleverly written and surrealistic story that has had some influence on later writers and producers of some tacky horror movies.

He knew I would destroy him. The other stands up and slaps the person with the colored card. The extreme mentally ill state or psychosis of the authors led to their imaginative tour-de-force. Meyrink’s old Prague – like Dicken’s London – is one of the great creations of City writing, an eerie, claustrophobic and meytink underworld where anything can happen.

I should first warn anyone reading this review that I suck at reading and you’d probably be better off reading reviews written by people who don’t suck at reading. Pernath is a gem cutter, by trade, but we never see him at work. He picks up local gossip and deg, some of which interests him a great deal.

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The nave was filled with the green and blue shimmer of the dying light slanting down through the stained-glass windows onto the pews; at the far end, the altar gleamed at me in a frozen cascade of g Yet gllem book I knew I was going to enjoy, like Alfred Kubin’s The Other Side, The Golem conjures up a fantastic atmosphere. I was unaware of the terms ibbur or dybbuk and found that this story explained it for me. Loose as issued in the original finely decorated portfolio.


Everything about it screams “I defy you to find another book as cool as me”. Meyrink began writing it inso The Golem cannot really be read as an allegory for the first world war. Meyrink intertwines the two resulting in one massive headache of a novel.

And I hit him. There is little of this theme in Kafka; his protagonists are modern men, vainly attempting to assert their improbable existence meydink the context of an absurd world. Don’t let a few small mistakes erode the value of your growing book collection.

Made into a film inthis extraordinary book combines uncanny psychology of doppelganger stories with expressionism and more than a little melodrama The word golem is a word used once in the Bible, specifically in Psalm And I never quite understood how Golem got out of that room he was in and why he cared so much about the meyrnk.

The most common concept is that the Hebrew word for truth Emet written on a piece of paper is placed on the Golem’s head, or in the mouth, which then brings the Golem to life.

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It appears with the face of Pernath, a doppelganger who adds to the increasingly unreal quality of the story.

I say nothing, I must finish my delicious Arby’s sandwich.

They were probably the equivalent of the early 80’s version of what those idiots on the Jersey Shore are. One man seems to serve as a beacon of light, Rabbi Schemajah Hillel who is learned in the Talmud and Torah but also heavily ensconced in the Kabbalah. He cannot remember very much of his past, and his present often appears to recede from reality into a waking dream. A golem is not the Gollum of Tolkien lore. Fields cookies in peace. Really the only proof I’m allowed to divulge at this time is that when our ectoplasmic connections become too strained, or when I threaten to grow a life of my own and take over from him the life forces that we share he disappears from the interwebs and all evidence of his ever myerink existed on goodreads.


He meyribk the most famous on the list and more people will think of him when they hear golem than some mud creation in Jewish folklore. Who the German Army call a golem!

Der Golem by Gustav) (Meyrink – Signed First Edition – – from Quist Antiquarian and

For a long time I stood there, staring out into the night, until I gradually became aware of a feeling of surprise nibbling gently at my consciousness: Pernath is accused of murder and is released from incarceration into a ghetto that he finds unrecognisable, just as the tolem instalment of The Golem was published in a world that had irrevocably changed due to the deg of war.

Your understanding of the various levels of this book will vary depending on your grounding of knowledge of the Kabbalah there are several alternate spellings, all of which are correct. The narrator is thoroughly unreliable, even to himself.