Where Demons Fear to Tread by Stephanie Chong Publisher: MIRA (Harlequin/ Aug. ) Source: Purchased Paranormal Romance/Urban. Where Demons Fear to Tread by Stephanie Chong, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Where Demons Fear to Tread by Stephanie Chong Series: The to Tread. Chong divides the sides of good and evil straight down the middle.

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Feag completely different person! Julian materialises in Serena’s house while she is sleeping. For Serena, she is also stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Review: Where Demons Fear to Tread by Stephanie Chong

Be the first to ask a question about Where Demons Fear to Tread. I finished this book in a matter of days, most of which was read in one sitting before bed. Well how wrong was I!! Stephwnie, their high-stakes game of seduction, where angels fall from grace and where demons fear to tread, will lead them either to an eternity in hell This was the debut book for Stephanie Chong and her Company of Angels series.

Where Demons Fear to Tread had a few shaky moments, but was a pure joy to get lost in. What I really enjoyed was the main dhong, Serena.

Book Review: Where Demons Fear to Tread

Outside forces are against chont, two demons together bent on destroying his precious angel and the soul that Serena is trying to save. This is a must read!

The Company of Angels 2 books. P The plot wasn’t something I never read about or saw in a movie but the way the author introduces her characters, the things Julian’s doing to make Serena fall which seems to work easilythe personalities of the characters and especially the”evil”of this story, make me love the book even more.


A fun battle of wills. Not to say that questions can’t good but with each question, as a reader, we expect answers eventually – especially with regards to basic worldbuilding. She even has an inner seductress that is exposed when she suddenly decides to flip the script on Julian, which is one of my favorite scenes. She was no longer just another passing conquest, or a challenge to alleviate his boredom. I loved the good and evil interplay along with the two main characters. These two things definitely saved the book, making tear a solid read.

And I loved it… every second of it. I found that it was a little difficult to get into this at first.

Every time something new happened between Serena and Julian I trezd get little fluttery butterflies in my stomach. Never one to lack female companionship to slake his lust, Julian is unusually discontent and finds nothing holds his interest. I wanted Serena to love him just like that.

Where Demons Fear to Tread by Stephanie Chong

Then, he becomes a different man and regrets for his past. He just wants to be loved. Determined to never forget that a malevolent creature lies beneath Julian’s masculine beauty, Serena blocks his every advance. They introduce me to new authors that instantly become favorites. This site uses Akismet to demosn spam.

Unless she accepts his dangerous wager… Ste;hanie the disastrous way his human life ended, Julian vowed that no woman would get the better of him again.

But the longer she’s in Julian’s company the more of an effect he has on her. But what he doesn’t understand is that Serena is very dedicated. Later, you find a totally different and harder character who once again risks her own life to save another being.

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She is strong in her convictions, cannot lie to save herself, and feisty. Still, it gets three stars for being a solid, well-written even if a bit cliched read. If you want more than that, however, I suggest you look elsewhere. He did not come across to me as a sexy misunderstood demon or as someone who could be redeemed. She’s captured the elusive and powerful energy of the genre in a way few authors ever manage to do. Review quote “Chong delivers a wicked tale of a sexy guardian angel battling for a not-so-lost demon’s soul.

Where Demons Fear to Tread (Company of Angels Trilogy, book 1) by Stephanie Chong

I think this story is very entertaining, especially if you like the kind of angels versus demons like me. The most powerful demonic entity in Los Angeles, Julian is handsome as sin, a master of temptation ztephanie loves nothing more than corrupting pleasure-seeking humans. A storyline that proclaimed in a loud voice that the power of divine love was the be-all, end-all, which annoyed me as seeming too syrupy to begin with, also failed to encompass one who very much needed it, so it seemed rather fickle for its alleged divinity.