This is the first of five installments of Fjordman’s book Defeating Eurabia. For those who wish to republish his work, please read his conditions. Defeating EurabiaPreface to “Defeating Eurabia” Fjordman’s book Defeating Eurabia will be published in five parts, beginning with the pos. Fjordman Publishing Defeating Eurabia Fjordman reviews Spencer’s Stealth Jihad Fjordman: Toxic Islam — A Food Theory of Culture.

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In a memo, the US State Department told its embassy in Cairo to launch a dialogue with religious groups because clashes with them would incite more attacks against US interests. However, because deceating have wrongly identified the nation state as the root cause of all evil, they are suppressing not just aggressive nationalism, but defensive patriotism.

A Permanent World War at gatesofvienna. By simply not informing us of key fjordmah, they go by default, unchallenged until it is too late to do anything about them.

The Fjordman Files

ffjordman The EU federalists and Eurabians have taken a page out of the Islamic playbook, and have been approaching their goals by stealth for decades, buried beneath a mass of detail and technocratic newspeak all but incomprehensible to non-bureaucrats. The policy, conceived in the s, had strong antecedents in the French 19th-century dream of governing an Arab empire. Their people are very dependent on European economic and technological aid. It is almost blackmail.

The EU federalists strive to build a united European state through a shared animosity against the USA, while constructing a Eurabian entity of Europe and the Arab world via their common hostility towards Israel. According to Jensen, “Western media claimed no Arabs were happy about the attacks. The organization champions many activities.

This is being negotiated as we speak, behind our backs. In another case, the European Commission rebuffed a call by the Polish president for an EU-wide debate on reinstating the death penalty.

It facilitated European ambitions to maintain important spheres of influence in the former European colonies, while opening huge markets for European products in the Arab world, especially in oil-producing countries, in order to secure supplies of petroleum and natural gas to Europe.


Sworn Statements I have a good faith belief that use of ehrabia copyrighted materials drfeating above as allegedly infringing is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.

If so you will probably think I’m just another crackpot with a tin-foil hat.

Meanwhile, the Amsterdam city councildominated by the Eugabia Labor Party which receives many Muslim votes, developed teaching material warning school children against the opinions of Dutch Islam critic Geert Wilders. The plan is all there, laid out in black and white for anyone to read. Walid al-Kubaisi, a Norwegian of Iraqi origins and a critic of sharia supporters, believes Yusuf al-Qaradawi is more dangerous than terrorist leader Osama bin Laden: Georgetown professor John Esposito, fjordjan director of the Center for Eursbia Understanding, has, probably more than any other academic, contributed to downplaying the global Jihadist threat.

On 10 OctoberJensen announced on a blog that due to having been involuntarily mixed in with the Breivik-case, he had become unemployed and was in the process of finding a new place to live. For you to have the best experience on Lulu. Among the recommendations that were raised by Mr. The target of the raid was Youssef Nada, who has had active association with the Muslim Brotherhood for more than 50 years.

Eurabian mixing already in planning! Anything ddfeating everything is fine as long as they rape the natives and destroy the country, which they do”.

My view of the United Nations is quite clear: I’m a natural empath and intuitive. EU federalists and Eurabians are deliberately suppressing all of these instincts in their quest to create a New Man and weed out aggression.

After the Second World War, French troops gradually left Arab lands, culminating with war and Algerian independence in He founded Germany in against the will od various kingdoms and statelets.

Fjordman’s book “Defeating Eurabia” | The Brussels Journal

Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. They have also started to look seriously into the question of freedom of expression from the perspective of its inherent responsibility, which should not be overlooked. The Bias and Dishonesty of Wikipedia. How does this content violate the Lulu Membership Agreement? These have all been good things, and they have helped make Europe an eminently livable continent.


I wish to be contacted with the results of the investigation. On its own webpageit states that: When up to three-quarters of our national laws originate in Brussels, what is then the point of holding national elections? Its goal was to prevent any country, whether Spain, France, or later Germany, from dominating continental Europe to the extent that it represents a threat to England. It happened in Ireland recently, when the Irish made it clear that they refuse to accept the politics of scoundrels.

In addition I have drawn from some of her articles and interviews. The concept of massive social experiments to create a New Man was allowed to survive. According to the International Herald Tribunein the historic center of Athens has been riven by street battles involving what the police characterize as rival groups, often involved in dealing drugs, from Afghanistan, Iraq and war-torn African countries wielding swords, axes and machetes. This is especially sensitive in Greece, a country which was for centuries under Turkish Muslim rule.

You have to work out with us, and the European leaders, how you would react to that. Retrieved 28 October Identify in sufficient detail the copyrighted work that you believe has been infringed upon for example, “The copyrighted work at issue is the image that appears on http: Kramer states that during the s, Esposito had prepared his thesis under his Muslim mentor Ismail R.