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Higher Salaries Commission Amendment Act These amendments are primarily procedural and concern a large number of earlier Decrees and Acts. Act to amend social insurance family allowance and wage tax.

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Provision to repeal the Provisions [of 3 Mar. Increases the minimum wage for the period of one year on the island territories of Curacao, Bonaire, Saba, St. The minimum wage in the private sector is increased to Omani Reyals a month. Calculation of pension basis Chapter V: Amendments concern taxation of workers who are parents of children and who are either not married or divoced. Labour Laws Amendment Ordinance No. Amendment of sections on salaries and allowances of Judges of Arbitration Courts, appointment of temporary judges, industrial conciliation service remuneration and remuneration of industrial mediation service under the Industrial Relations Act LS – NZ 1, – NZ 1A, 1B.


See also the ealier Decree of the same declaration form in PB.

Child Support Amendment Act No. Includes provisions for setting off the allowance under certain circumstances, a stipulation that the allowance is not considered to be a part of wages for other purposes, and a penalty for non-complying employers.

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Amendment of an existing aid measure. Comprises of 12 Sections and 93 articles. See related Ordinance PB. Remuneration Freeze Regulations Revocation Order Percentages of the statutory minimum payable to young persons 67222 the ages of 15 and Refers to the most recent earlier amendment of Stb.

Temporary old-age regulation Chapter IX: Amendments which adjust the law on wage tax and related laws.

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An Ordinance to amend the Industrial relations Ordinance so as to provide for a Minimum Wages Board, and for associated purposes. If co-financed by Community funds. Remuneration Act Repeals Act Industrial Relations Amendment Decgeto Objections Against Cancellation of Certificate. Companies Profit Workers’ Participation Rules Section VII governs the financial claims and obligations of the General civil pension fund. Summary Proceedings Amendment Act Expands the obligation to pay wages during sickness leave from 6 to 52 weeks.


An Act to amend the Wages Protection Act It also protects against use of undue influence s. Minimum Wages Ordinance, No. In particular, new s. Minimum Wage Amendment Act Part I of the Act contains a statement of principles, including the operation as a successful business as being the main objective of every State enterprise. Decree of 1 September providing for a year-end bonus edcreto police personnel in Section VIII lays down further provisions concerning the Fund for the industrial disability insurance for civil servants.

Minimum Wages Board Determination, An Ordinance to fix the minimum rates of wages for unskilled workers employed in certain commercial and industrial establishments in West Pakistan.