The Conscious Universe — The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena. by Dean Radin. Psychic Phenomena: Unquestionably. Dean Radin is a parapsychology researcher. He has been Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). The Conscious Universe also sifts the data for tantalizing hints of how mind is Noetic Science parapsychology researcher Dean Radin is at the Institute of.

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While still at Bell Labs Radin started investigating psi, and continued his work at think tank SRI International, which did psi studies for companies and also for various government unniverse including the CIA.

To understand this evidence the reader is going to have to learn about statistics and meta-studies. Scope is similar to ‘Manifesting Michaelangelo’ J.

The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena by Dean Radin

Hardcoverpages. Brief Review Physicist-turned-parapsychologist Dean Univdrse demonstrates in almost painful detail that based on a combination of rigorous laboratory testing and equally rigorous meta-analysis, the existence of psi phenomena telepathy, precogniton, psychokinetics, etc. The rest is bullshit.

The Science of Spirituality. Of all the books I’ve read about parapsychology, this is the best to date. Can phase 3 be far behind? It spends more time explaining how experiments work and are measured than actually telling you about interesting phenomena. I apologize for its length. In Stage 2, skeptics reluctantly concede that the idea is possible, but it is not very interesting and the claimed effects are extremely weak.

This stage can last from years to centuries, depending on how much the idea challenges conventional wisdom. We are essentially expected to take his word that deaj is the best way to determine clinical significance However, in reading some criticisms of his book I have found that this is apparently not the case.


Radin has worked with some of the latter—for instance, a retired police chief who was able to “remote view” the exact contents of a Soviet facility spotted by universs impenetrable to U. We wish to know what is happening to loved ones, and somehow, sometimes, that information is available even over large distances. Feb 01, Andi Wilk rated it liked it. Aug 19, Leanne Curtis rated it liked it Shelves: Expanded Review A few years ago I was looking for a book that summarizes the current state-of-the-field in psi research, written by someone with a well-trained and rigorous left brain.

I think lovers do this in non-local communication. There are two core issues here: Retrieved from ” https: Get the book and dip in and out of it The topics and research studies are very interesting but there is way too much unuseful information for the average person.

Highly iniverse for the Brief Review Physicist-turned-parapsychologist Dean Radin demonstrates in almost painful detail that based on a combination of rigorous laboratory testing and equally rigorous meta-analysis, the existence of psi phenomena telepathy, precogniton, psychokinetics, etc. The idea is that those compelling, perplexing and sometimes profound human experiences known as “psychic phenomena” are real.

The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena

You gain a good understanding and horizon for the involved parameters of the discussion and typical arguments. Still, I must agree that despite all the advancements in the neurosciences, consciousness is still a deep mystery and a profoundly interesting topic.

Anyone with a basic understanding of scientific method, statistics, and how empirical experimentation – e. Radin concludes that psychic phenomena are real.

Dean Radin

DeBakcsy contends that the ARO 12m Radio Telescope perhaps fits the best, but it was also different in several aspects to the described object. Possibly covered with a glass dome. No, nor does any other scientific idea that I am aware of. The middle chapters, where Radin describes all of the different experiments and their results, bog down starting around the Mind-Affecting-Living-Organisms chapter. Aug 20, Ken rated it thf was amazing.


He said the same thing about astrology. That is not a huge difference, except when viewed as odds against, which run into the millions to one, or at the confidence factor, which is very high indeed.

The course itself was bad and the book likewise.

Conscioua reality of psychic phenomena is now no longer based solely upon faith, or wishful thinking, or absorbing anecdotes. This book is an essential read for any student of the paranormal or anomalous phenomena. First, is ESP, or more properly ‘psi’, real, and if so, is the science that asserts the reality valid? Jan 22, Mangoo rated it really liked it.

Dean Radin – The Conscious Universe

Second, during roughly the same period, there have been numerous statistically rigorous meta-analyses of all prior recorded studies of each of the major psi phenomena clairvoyance or remote viewing, telepathy, precognition, telekinesis or action-at-a-distance.

Trivia About The Conscious Uni Shame really because this subject fascinates just about everyone. Sep 19, Gordon Gatiss rated it it was ok. Iniverse Preview See a Problem?

So far ,, about 50 pages into cconscious, reads like soft butter.