De re aedificatoria libri decem. Author: Leon Battista Alberti (Italian, Genoa – Rome). Publisher: Jacob Cammerlander (German, active Strasburg. Leon Battista Alberti wrote De re aedificatoria in the middle of the 15th century. The terminus post quem for the beginning of the writing is traditionally set in . Leon Battista Alberti écrivit le De re aedificatoria au milieu du XVe siècle. Le terminus post quem pour le début de la rédaction est traditionnellement placé en .

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During his stay in the Eternal City he apparently favored the study of architecture and Latin prose over that of the common language and figurative arts. He was a welcomed guest at the Este court in Ferraraand in Urbino he spent part of the hot-weather season with the soldier-prince Federico III da Montefeltro.

He always lived honourably and like the gentleman he was. The work was not printed until When quoting material from this collection, the preferred citation is: But if on the other hand art imitates nature, and it is the part of the same discipline to know the form and the matter up to a point e.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These orders are Corinthian, Doric, Ionic and Italic, as described by Leon Battista Alberti in his seminal treatise on architecture De re aedificatoria c.

In both Della pittura and De statuaAlberti stressed that “all steps of learning should be sought from nature. Leon Battista Alberti was the prototype of the Renaissance “universal man,” combining the vocations of humanist, athlete, engineer, architect, courtier, musician, and mathematician.


Images are printed to order on high quality photographic paper using the latest digital technology. It appears rather obvious in reading these texts that in the prologue of his treatise, the humanist Leon Battista Alberti is working with Aristotelian concepts, even if it is not in the present state of studies to specify the exact source of his ideas Zoubov Alberti did not concern himself with the practicalities of building, and very few of his major works were brought to completion.

In addition, Alberti takes advantage of a very rich personal experience, a direct knowledge not only of the ruins of antiquity but also of contemporary architecture and of techniques of aedificcatoria and construction. The palace set a standard in the use of Classical elements that is original in civic buildings in Florence, and greatly influenced later palazzi.

The images in our collection, although kept to the highest possible standards, can sometimes display irregularities.

Pricing will vary depending on the size of the print, frame, quantity and style of the mount s selected. Leonello inspired a great Humanistic undertaking as well as a mode of artistic practice on Alberti’s part by urging him to restore the classic text of Vitruvius, architect and architectural theorist of the age of the Roman emperor Augustus.

De re aedificatoria provided the Renaissance de an organized program for architectural design.

Leon Battista Alberti

Everyday Gallery Traditional Impact Offset. As the Este prince was now dead, it was to Nicholas V that Alberti dedicated in the monumental theoretical result of his long study of Vitruvius. Any reproduction or publication from these digital images requires that the following credit line be included: Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit some websites. Archived from the original on February 10, Refer to this passage of Aristotle’s Physics: Product overview Images are printed to order on high quality photographic paper using the latest digital technology.


Anthony Grafton, Leon Battista Alberti.

Ten Books on Architecture | work by Alberti |

The name of its hero, Momus, refers to the Greek word for blame or hattista. Battista Alberti, De re aedificatoria, Florence, N.

The texts of the ten books were divided into chapters for the first time. He noted that “the care of very young children is women’s work, for nurses or the mother,” and that at the earliest possible age children should be taught the alphabet. Alberti, Leon Battista, De re aedificatoria. Orlandi, “Le prime fasi nella diffusione del trattato architettonico albertiano”, J.

rw The De re aedificatoria intends not only to update the work, but also to go eadificatoria and to put the internal logic of antique architecture to a critical test. Nine ideal centrally-planned geometrical shapes are recommended for churches; besides the circle he lists the square, the hexagon, octagon, decagon and dodecagon, all derived from the circle, and, derived from the square, rectangles that exhibit the square and a half, square and a third and double square, all of which have enharmonic parallels in music.

Orlandi, introduction and notes by P.

De Re Aedificatoria – Wikipedia

Back to list previous. The design also incorporates an ocular window which was already in place.

Giorgio Vasariwho argued that historical progress in art reached its peak in Michelangeloemphasized Alberti’s scholarly achievements, not his artistic talents: