The Twisting Halls This entry was posted on Tuesday, August 31st, at 3: 00 pm and is filed under 4e D&D, news, RPG Hub. You can follow any. A while ago I started a thread about spicing up the Twisting Halls adventure that comes with the Red Box. D&D 4E. Last Updated: 04/24/ Play Status: Playing. 0: fans. 0: comments. Stream. Mirne created the new campaign The Twisting Halls. 6 years ago.

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Inner Chambers Encounter G7: For a full list, see the Related Subreddits wiki page. Death Calls Encounter C8: Then Traevus became greedy owing in part to his debts and started selling Th fakes. Sorry if I was unclear, but those who have played, read or run the Twisting Halls should understood the question. Aspects of Divinity Encounter A1: If you’re not familiar, a bunch of mostly human soldiers led by another human take over this vale, and the PCs have to take them down.

Our PCs made sure the ambush was unsuccessful.

Twisting Halls Advice (SPOILERS)

June 25, at 7: I would think Malareth d&s very busy playing with his new toy the skullso Jinx and the bugbear are under orders to kill the PCs and under no circumstances is Malareth to be disturbed. My party is still in the Twisting halls, but my plan is for them to see that Traveus had no idea what was in the box.


But Malareth made a deal with a man in Fallcrest to inform him of the skulls transfer. Want to add to the discussion? I think these are ridiculous.

I also twistng this strange idea of taking every single encounter excerpt listed above and somehow linking them into one giant delve, where the PCs get teleported across space and time a mad wizard who doesn’t care about thematic consistency.

Black Blood Falls Encounter P1: This pulled the group into the iron Circle story line. Deep Crater Encounter Check out our Getting Started Guide!

The Twisting Halls | Obsidian Portal

Catwalk Attack Encounter L Chamber of Seven Secrets Encounter Traveus got the better of the necromancer, twidting Malareth met his demise when my PCs found him. For the older links, remember there is still the Wayback Machine!

Trapped Passage Encounter R Reset Fields Log in. Angry Jackals Encounter D7: Does the Traevus multiplex have anything to do with the weirdness? This subreddit is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Wizards of the Coast LLC. I decided Traevus was a bitter war profiteer.

Sky Robbery Encounter Entrance Pit Encounter R1: Tuesday, 6th August, The battle never happened. That character sought other adventurers to help complete the quests, and they all get to share in the reward.

You need to read the end of the adventure and the start of the next adventure and connect them with modification. Ghost Door Encounter R9: Warden of Everlost Encounter S1: PCs are notoriously self-centered. I was thinking that it strained credibility that a team of adventurers came together in Nentir Vale, all driven in wagons by separate dwarves named Traevus, and all were attacked by goblins. March 5, at 9: Tentacles and a Temptress Encounter C1: June 28, at 7: I thought this was a great post so I added a link to it in my Best Reads of the Week!


You can follow any responses to this entry through the Dd&d 2. Also note our banned subjects list. Drexlyn’s Lair Encounter I think they are planning on sealing themselves in the dragon lair on the assumption that the goblins fear the dragon and won’t bother him.

In a rare sign of agreement, our party decided to enact a code of field justice to atone for the fallen who couldn’t raise their swords anymore, and separated Traevus’ head from his shoulders.

Rescue at Rivenroar 1st level Scales of War 2: An Adroit Challenge Encounter S3: So the Iron Circle took hals family hostage and ttwisting him retrieve the skull through his old contacts. hallx


So far, we’ve played a little over half way through the opening adventure in the Starter Kit. The Devourer’s Welcome Encounter V5: Who steered the PCs to the Traevus multiplex in the first twixting Friday, 4th July,