Full text of “Darklands Cluebook” 81 Puzzles & Answers Final Notes 3 This book is divided into This book is not designed to be a strategy guide. The file is a record of interactions that occurred since you last started the game. Every time you start or load a game, is restarted. Although. (section introduction) * Recruit * Soldier * Veteran * Captain * Hunter * Bandit * Peasant * Schulz * Noble Heir * Courtier * Knight * Manorial Lord * Hermit *.

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Fugger in Leipzig, document No.

Keep me logged in on this device. In general, the deeper you descend into the mines, the more deadly these traps become.

Computer Game Museum Display Case – Darklands

Mines can be a source of certain equipment and materials. I hope that my examples have given you a feel for why I rate this clue book so highly. Archived from the original on March 11, Yet, I haven’t figured out or just can’t remember if this works if only one of your party members owns a horse.

Relics There are very few relics in Darklandsand none with any extraordinary properties. Swordsmith, if present, has a quality value. The second gate leads to a lake of fire. The final chapter provides background information about versions and special instructions about how to read or use certain files. Light missiles hit but frequently bounce off.

Other than their obvious quality, useable holy relics may or may not have other beneficial properties. Behind each puzzle door is an encounter that explains some of the situation, if you take the time to stop and talk.

Villages may also be destroyed, sometimes by you, sometimes by dragons, and sometimes by random events completely beyond your control. Travelling further by water does not cost more. Armorers offer a wide variety of metal and non-metal armor.


Darklands download

Once downstairs, the obvious course is to grab the object and run. However, the older the player is when the character is generated, the more skills and better equipment he or she starts with. This is the easiest of all destina- tions.

At age 20 a character bok an extra 5 EPs regardless of occupation chosen.

Note that occupations may modify certain attributes too. Prayer can reveal to you whether there is a trap, giving you the option to avoid contact altogether, should you not wish to involve yourself in combat. This is almost always helpful in the final battles. Final Notes Below is a brief summary of each chapter with relevant examples. You have to go through a couple of darolands, facing skeletons which are serious enemies, perhaps the hardest clke all three different tasks in the mines.

This chest also has a relic if you can pick the lock. They should appear in some form in the next version.

If you pass this puzzle door, you descend to a final fight with the kobolds and their leader, a powerful alchemist who not only throws battle potions, but also has used potions to increase the fighting power of his kobold boom. Larger cities may have slightly cheaper prices. Passing through this door will make the kobolds hostile, but pleases the dwarfs.

The red door is the official entrance to the kobold realm.

“Darklands Clue Book – TOC”

Has anyone encountered that as well? This page was last edited on 4 Marchat Go to it and enter the Graveyard area. Overall, then, horses and riding have very limited utility. Also please note that the Introduction and sections 1 and 2 were largely written or put together by CMB as drafts of the FAQ project and have not changed much since. This gave Darklands a reputation as a buggy game. Also, when meeting pilgrims, sick people or displaced villagers, you can offer your mules to them for easing their travellings, which increases your virtue.


Fugger and Medici, Prenzlau Task: In the worst case, the screen starts to scroll madly, I mean, my travelling-character stays around and the map scrolls in all directions and ends in the sea eventually.

It is primary used in detecting secret doors, finding traps, and detecting ambushes. Here you discover that the mine has inad- vertently linked the separate homes of dwarfs and kobolds. Still, it was a tough battle, especially when we discovered that our arrows had virtually no effect on his plate armor!

Note the extremely high melee skill. They can also be places of ancient evil. Their pick weapons have great penetrating power, but only modest damage effects.

Be w’arned that some healers are incompetent, doing more harm than good. The game only shows the political conditions and borders of that era, rounded off to a conveniently square map area.

Return to this town will be difficult to impossible as the watch will recognize you. The dragon is darolands to many battle potions.

Take the party to the shipwreck for some very interesting information. Since you have exhausted the possibilities here, proceed to take the stairway back down to the lower level. The area attached to darklande third level has a dwarf behind the puzzle door who heals much of your lost endurance and strength.

Quality has little or no effect on its utility.