A big part of the skub that arose with the release of the new daemon codex comes from the Daemonic Legions: Objective Secured, 8th Edition Daemons style. Everyone’s favourite codex author has blessed Chaos once again with a new ‘ dex, . Library and look up Codex Chaos Daemons: Daemonic Incursion Edition. Warhammer [Codex] 7th Ed – Chaos Daemons – Daemonic Incursion Edition – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online.

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Prescience on noise marines? I am all in favour of having fun in our games, but having a table where half the coodex gimp your own army quite badly in a unlucky streak is not the way I would have done it. I bring the fluff here because not much of it has changed at all since the book. If you just want pure Deredeos, the Malefic Lord is cheap enough to let you take 3 of them, although that’s also enough for 5 Basilisks.

Sadly, no warptime or Prescience. Tzeentch is the cosex department in the codex while the other gods often footslog to the enemy to kill him in melee. The army bonus for mono god detachments often impact list building more than before, too.

These are not the same. The only requirement is that all daemons must be Tzeentchian so princes and grinders must be upgraded to Tzeentch. Rapetastic meleeeven though they decide sometimes to take pot shots at one another in the midst of battle.

This works best with a prince of nurgle,slaanesh, or tzeentch with wings. Ostensibly, you only ever want to buy Exalted Rewards for your GDs and DPs – they’re just too expensive and don’t do enough, plus the MC Daemons can afford to purchase more rewards than Heralds, just in case.

Most of them are quite helpful with only one Herald of Doom being kind of useless and it still can be very helpful depending on who you play!

Burning Chariot of Tzeentch: Also, god-specific artifacts do not count towards the total amount of Daemonic Rewards taken. Yet something else that gimps Daemons for no apparent reason. There are four to choose from, and to be frank I would only pick one of them, and even that can be unreliable at times. Even still with the update and the buff from 6th edition, Daemons can STILL lose games, either from bad Deep Strikes, terrible dice rolls, end up going first, etc.


Warhammer 40.000 [Codex] 7th Ed – Chaos Daemons – Daemonic Incursion Edition

AP2 and 3 weapons are handed out like candy, and seriously, you’re just as likely to have coddex insanely good happen to you as you are to have something insanely bad happen, although most of the time almost nothing will happen.

I got my hands on a codex book and the exact words are: There are a few things your heretical mudfoots can offer their masters, and all on a budget!

Otherwise, Plaguebearers are daekonic other troops choice for holding a fort as their toughness and shrouding make them more durable.

Things I am Unsure About Warpstorm: The Chicken’s powers are picked for you, coxex the Tzeentch Discipline hasn’t been expanded to 3 powers yet. Though the formations Omniscient Oracles and Heralds Anarchic are awesome so expect those to be seen next to other detachments. They also get a slashing attack if they turbo-boost over an enemy unit, making them one of the few units better off Deep Striking in the first turn.

The New Chaos Daemon Codex

Nurgle laughs at everything with a power armor save, Slaaanesh has less random psychic abilities at the cost of being slightly less powerful than Tzeentch powers. The two biggest problems with the Ork codex this edition are 1 How horribly points-inefficient it is, especially for a horde army and 2 How the randomness of the orks has been so hilariously mishandled. Luckily, all hope isn’t lost. The results range from all melee weapons having Instant Death to the option of re-rolling that dodgy Warpstorm table Will explain this one later.

Basically, if you’re gonna take fortifications in your army, you’ll have to commit to it. Yeah sure it does for daemons but not for CSM. Get some Khornys in! Common keywords are ChaosDaemonand any of the four Chaos Gods. Fun is subject to early termination at Tzeentch’s discretion.


I know that winning isn’t everything, but if you build a mono-Slaanesh army you’re just going to lose all of your games If you don’t know how codx use them right that isand that’s not fun either. A non-god specific traitor legion like the Iron Warriors or Night Lords is recommended if using Titans, Knights, or Daemon Engines, preferably for more speed to spread out on the battlefield. Demons more dsemonic any other army are beholden to dice. If you always wanted to command an army entirely composed of bizarre and horrifying monstrosities and who didn’t?

Without a doubt the best discipline to roll on. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Most armies will have a few of them. Step one is usually the same for building any army: This not only made it hard to use certain units in dense terrain I was never going to land a Soul Grinder in a Cities of Death battlefield like-arena, for example but added on the misery that you might not even get the half you want arrive in the first turn.

There is no problem if you want to exchange both weapons for their basic alternative, such as an etherblade and a lash of slannesh if you have both a lesser and greater reward.

Another no-brainer, as codes all expected the new Daemons come with their own Warlord Traits table. If the unit already has a FNP save, it instead increases by 1 for the rest of the game.

Note that this is just a new detachment with requirements and is not like what the legions are to the chaos marines. Too bad for you Well its the re-roll saving throws of a 1. There are two options of running them: