CYRFLTXC Cypress Semiconductor RF Transceiver Wireless USB datasheet, inventory, & pricing. Functional Description. The CYRF WirelessUSB™ LP radio is a second gener- Final data sheet – removed “Preliminary” notation. *F. See ECN. CYRF WirelessUSB(TM) LP GHz Radio SoC The CYRF WirelessUSB(TM) LP radio is a second generation member of Cypress’s WirelessUSB.

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Monitor the following bytes for transmit status: The header and data portion of the data packet can both be set with either chips or chips.

If datashwet want an easy to use solution and don’t mind being somewhat tied by the manufacturer’s design choices you might want to consider the Xbee. Every time you run into problems read it again. Dqtasheet are the ones i have experimented with: Unfortunately all of the source code and configuration examples i could find for the CYRF are written in machine code for a Cypress microcontroller that i have no experience with.

The rdk will help jumpstart your keyboard and mouse development using wirelessusb lp cyrf radio system on chip.

The examples shown here presume Transaction Mode is switched off. More on this in the configuration section. Adtasheet way, it works if you set it up this way. Downloads Sitemap Links to my other pages: The other thing i was looking for on the Cypress website are application notes. Digi-Key stocks ready made up cables as well. Once you have things working you can experiment with other lower power options. Here i will simply list a working configuration and briefly touch on a few of the aspects a hobbyist may want to change.


It is widely used in a huge range of commercial applications but largely unused by hobbyists at the time of writing. Either poll this function often to detect incoming data or run it once when the CYRF interrupt pin triggers. I could datasheeet find any example code that helped me configure the CYRF IBM laptops wireless cards and can be found on E-bay.

Probably the most likely bit a user might want to change is the RXOW EN bit which if cleared stops the receive buffer from being over written once it contains valid data. It is suggested you use these as an initial working config from which you can experiment with making changes later.

Cyrf6936 datasheet pdf ibm

Links to my other pages: Without going into too much detail on how the radio in the CYRF works, chips have less immunity to noise and therefore shorter range but higher speed. The CYRF transmit buffer is only 16 bytes long so we will only be discussing transmissions up to this length. The value here is the recommended from the Datasheet.


Ontwerp en implementatie van een mobiel sensorsysteem voor. I am writing this page in the absence of any other resource for hobbyists to use this highly useful, high speed 2. My project uses Atmel AVR atmega microcontrollers for this. Returns “1” if TX errors occurred.

Sb, 21mar11 catasheet this datasheet is subject to change without notice. The recommended value shown is configured for reliability rather than speed. While it was worth reading these the only really useful part are the header files for the pin definitions.

If this changes over time please let me know so i can update this section.

The Unigen datasheet does not mention this. Setting this bit forces a full reset of the device.

CYRF WirelessUSB LP GHz Radio SoC Datasheet (Japanese).pdf

Modules discussed on this page. I suspect there is a misconfiguration in our clock setup and setting RXGO gets the clock running correctly. Load transmit buffer with data.