Refer to the CPM1/CPM1A/CPM2A/CPM2C/SRM1(-V2) Programming Manual ( W) for details on programming opera- tions. CPM2C Features and. Part number. Operation manual. CPM2A operation manual. W Programming manual. CPM1/CPM1A/CPM2A/CPM2C/SRM1(-V2) Programming Manual. All OMRON products are capitalized in this manual. The word “Unit” is also capitalized when it refers to an OMRON product, regardless of whether or not it.

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Three-word Monitor In this case, DM was selected. Page 1, 2, The following diagrams show separate RSC port and Peripheral port configurations, but both ports can be used simultaneously. DM to Not affected. Be sure to take this one- time startup delay into account if it may affect operations. Specifications subject to manua without notice.

OMRON CPM2A – 11-2005 Manual

Section 4 describes how to connect the Programming Console, and how to perform the various program- ming operations. Press and hold the Shift Key to input a letter shown in the upper-left corner of the key or the upper function of a key that has two functions. Incorrect tightening torque may result in malfunction.

Not turning OFF the power supply may result in malfunction or electric shock. Do manial connect bare stranded wires directly to ter- minals. Page Appendix B Dimensions All dimensions are in mankal. Hexadecimal, Bcd Data Modification 3. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Maunal CLR to clear the display so that key operations can be performed.

Page 84 IN through IN have different values. Section 5 describes how to perform a test run and how to diagnose and correct the hardware and soft- ware errors that can occur during PC operation. It is assumed here that the causes of any of the errors for which error messages appear have already been taken care of.


This section provides general precautions for using the Programmable Controller PC and related devices. Overview Of Cpm2a Functions 2 controls setting ranges: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Page 46 Before using a CPM1A program containing one or more of the instructions in the table above, check the program to be sure that it will operate properly and edit the program if necessary.

Removing The Terminal Block Wiring and Connections Section Floor Ducts Leave at least mm between the wiring and the top of the duct, as shown in the following diagram. Reading status Check AR comparison in No-protocol Communications RSC port.

Unit Components Section Unsigned Decimal Monitor Three-Word Data Modification This operation is used to change the contents of one or more of the 3 con- secutive words displayed in the Three-Word Monitor operation.

Fatal Errors Unit configuration.

The cursor will move one bit to the right after one of these keys is pressed. Clear the memory before entering a new program.

OMRON CPM2A – MANUAL Pdf Download.

Enter text from picture: Press the Up and Down Arrow Keys to increment and decrement the con- stant on the right. Is PWR indicator lit? By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

You must read this section and understand the information contained before attempting to set up or operate a PC system. Revision History A manual revision code appears as a suffix to the catalog number on the front cover of the manual.

Stray wire strands can short-circuit and cause a fire. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means, mechanical, electronic, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permis- sion of OMRON.


Inputting a New SV This operation can be used to input a new SV constant, as well as to change an Constant SV from a constant to a word address designation and vice versa. Section Battery Replacement If power has not been supplied to the PC for an extended period of time, turn ON the power supply for at least 5 minutes before replacing the battery. Page 55 VAC: Check the alignment of the connector tab and fully insert the connector. Momentary Power Interruption A power interruption will not be detected and CPU Unit operation will continue if the power interruption lasts less than 10 ms for an AC power supply or 2 ms for a DC power supply.

The status of the displayed words can be changed at this point. Be sure to use a wire of at least 1. Two-second Timer 1, 2, Console will display a message prompting the user to enter a pass- word.

Refer to Programming Console Operation Errors for details on errors that might occur during Programming Console operations. When connecting the PC to a personal computer or other peripheral device, ei- ther ground the 0-V side of the PC or do not ground the PC at maunal. Page 76 instead of a stranded wire. The PV can be set within a range of —32, and 32,