Rapid Orthodontics with Flapless Piezoelectric Corticotomies: First Clinical Experiences. Ortodoncia Rápida con Corticotomías Piezoeléctricas sin Colgajo: . 1. Corticotomía 2. Corticotomy- Osteotomy-assisted Tooth Movement microCTs 3 . Cytokine Expression and Accelerated Tooth Movement 4. ortodoncia asistida por corticotomia. INTRODUCCION Características del tejido óseo. Biomecánica ortodóntica. Estímulos por fármacos.

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A year-old woman came to the clinic asking for a fast orthodontic treatment.

Expansion ortopedica maxilar con ortodoncia osteogenica periodontalmente acelerada.

Moreover, a minimally invasive flapless procedure is described. A Right side view; B Left side view. The orrtodoncia acceleratory phenomenon: It was necessary to open the top tube of the maxillary second premolars to allow a step to be made on the steel wire in the apical direction, which would not interfere in the intrusion movement.

At two months, the appearance of the corticotomiias had changed considerably in the maxilla and mandible, and the crowding was corrected almost completely, such that the patient was ready for orthognathic surgery Fig. The pulp vitality of these teeth was evaluated by thermal and electric tests. Analysis of Pulp Vitality. She presented a Class I, open bite malocclusion, high palate, and maxillary arch compression Fig.

During follow-up period, healing was uneventful Figs. Vertical corticotomies were performed using an ultrasonic microsaw OT7.


This technique has proven to be effective, but cortocotomias invasive: Slight swelling of the soft tissue was observed during the first days post-operative.

Due to its atraumatic nature, this procedure promotes healing without edema or patient discomfort. This result agrees with the findings of Wilcko etal. Comparison of corticotomy-facilitated vs standard tooth-movement techniques in dogs with miniscrews as anchor units.

Ortodoncia Rápida con Corticotomías Piezoeléctricas sin Colgajo: Primeras Experiencias Clínicas

Table I – Pulp vitality assessment. Immediately before surgery, the patients rinsed with chlorhexidine 0. Patient check-ups were scheduled for 24 h, day 7, and then every two weeks for a month, performing adjustments if needed. However, these techniques have not been widely embraced by the dental community since they require extensive full thickness flap elevation and in cases of osteotomy, an invasive procedure associated with postoperative discomfort and a high risk of corticotimias leading to a low acceptance by the patient Kim et al.

Thus, faster tooth movement is expected when stimuli lead to greater bone turnover and lower bone density. However, according to Peters et al. The participants were examined every 15 days to follow-up the orthodontic intrusion.

Ortodoncia Facilitada por Corticotomía | Periounitec

Individuals with overerupted maxillary first molars, and who had maxillary teeth that would allow assembly of the orthodontic appliance required for intrusion of the extruded maxillary first molars were included in the study. MIRO also enhances accuracy by relying on radiographic surgical guides that help to make a precise corticotomy avoiding damage to vital structures and teeth.

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Upper molar intrusion in rehabilitation patients with the aid of microscrews. The regional acceleratory phenomenon: Moreover, these techniques run the risk of teeth devitalization, avascular necrosis of the osseous block, alveolar resorption, and the risks of complications, with low acceptance by the patient.

Comparison of corticotomy-facilitated vs standard tooth-movement techniques in dogs with miniscrews as anchor units. The patient asked for a minimally invasive rapid orthodontic movement.

The intrusion of all teeth was obtained mean 2. This surgical procedure has become an interesting alternative to increase the rate of tooth movement in adults Andrade et al.

Ortodoncia Facilitada por Corticotomía

Cytokine levels in crevicular fluid are less responsive to orthodontic force in adults than in juveniles. The results showed that although some teeth did not respond to the electrical test, all the teeth responded positively to the thermal test.

Speedy surgical-orthodontic treatment with temporary anchorage devices as an alternative to orthognathic surgery.