Sicko “Marriage Contract” One For The Ages. Repulsive “Wifely Expectations” pact emerges in Iowa kidnap case. FEBRUARY This country. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just. The case gained national attention because Frey had a “Contract of Wifely Expectations,” which contained rules for how his wife should dress.

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I believe don’t really change for the most part, they just stop acting the exception being some earth shattering event.

Iowa Man Convicted of Abuse for ‘Contract of Wifely Expectations’

I’m guessing you guys above aren’t married. Mind you, i’m sure there’s people out there who are even worse and would make this guy look like an angel!

Defense attorneys said the case was one of “he said-she said,” and that Frey’s having pictures and a contract did not prove the charges against him. Obviously, expectattions one reeks of depravity and all sorts of mental health issues. Lots of perverts have ‘Slave Contracts’ that read a lot like this. He vows to never ask for a blowjob, but to wait until I have had my evening cocktail and let it happen He vows to mix me that evening cocktail He vows to occasionally revert to his original Texan accent He vows to let our children be wild monkeys who climb sifely and get into trouble as long as they don’t have sex until they are at least 17 We are obviously two very lonely people with no lives.


What would you put in your contract? The woman testified that their relationship became “rocky” after she and her husband argued over finances in the fall of This guy is seriously overvaluing the rectum.

Contract of Wifely Expectations «

Oct 19, Messages: Something along the lines of “Pinkcup will not be held liable for any damages to property, person, or vehicle resulting from a deviation from this clause. Marriage isn’t what it used to be, from what I can see. Oct 25, Messages: She said Frey was unhappy about where she and their two daughters were attending church, and she said she became uncomfortable with his sexual demands.

Yes I have heard of lurking but I guess you dont even know how to describe yourself. The woman’s supposed to sign the contract? Do you already have an account?

No, create an account now. When Travis married this moron, it got both of them out of circulation.

He even casually remarked that his ex was a stripper, so he knew how to hurt me without leaving a visible mark if that was important to me.

I politely declined, but qifely contract was awesome. Jack Ryan probably would have beat Obama, who at that time was simply an Illinois state senator and part-time law professor. That’s some of the shittiest drafting I’ve ever contracg. There’s not even an attestation clause. Rotate image Save Cancel.


During a half-hearted foray into being a potential submissive, I met a guy who wanted me to sign something similar to this. The celebrant let us write our own. The term “he’s changed” or “she’s changed” gets thrown around a lot. Contracts for personal service aren’t binding at least here they’re not. This guy’s not a lawyer, unless he works for a free legal service. Except instead of being a creepy, weird document that seems fixated on Auntie Flo’s monthly visit, we were considering a more wholesome angle.

Pottawattamie County prosecutors said the case against Frey was one of rape and domestic abuse. You must log in or sign up to post here. Prosecutors said a computer expert found more than 99, pornographic images on Frey’s home computer, some of which had his wife’s face superimposed on women in graphic sexual scenes.

In fact, he actually drew up a bizarre four-page marriage document–a “Contract of Wifely Expectations”–that sought to establish guidelines for his spouse in terms of hygiene, clothing, and sexual activities.