Blackness, Colorism, and Epidermalization of Inferiority in Zora Neale Hurston’s Color Struck: A Fanonian Reading of the Play. Article (PDF Available) · January. She treats them poorly solely for the color of their skin and because it produced (according to Zora Neale Hurston: Collected Plays edited by. Color Struck. A Play in Four Scenes. Time: Twenty years ago and present. Place: .A Southern City. JOHN- A light brown-skinned The Man. EMMALINE- A Black.

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Strike a light honey so Hkrston can see you-see if you changed much. Course, Ah don’t wanta look too bossy, but Ah b’lieve you got to marry me tuh git rid of me. Return to Book Page.

Color Struck by Emily Borne on Prezi

John Turner in place of Miss Emmaline Beazeley. She seats herself and rocks monotonously and stares out of the door. Dinky jumps up from beside Effie and rushes to exit right.

What you skeered about? The cake is set down in the center of the floor and the winning couple parade around it arm in arm. Ah don’t make you! He accepts, though he knows it will upset Emma. He strikes another,match and lights hurton lamp. The Dialect of Modernism: The seats on the down stage side of the coach are omitted. Emma represents Hurston’s creation taken to symbolic representation; by zoea of the fact that she is black, poor, disenfranchised, and rural, she epitomizes the outsider in every way.


Color Struck by Zora Neale Hurston

Oxford University Press, Goes to door and opens it. I can walk the cake, Emma-we got to-I got to go in! Emma, run on after the doctor, honey. The men lead off the procession with the cake-the contestants make a grand slam around the hall. He had been married, but his wife died, and he has come to marry Emma now.

Naw Hurstin aint gonna be deceitful an’ bust mah gizzard fuh nobody! But I don’t like to be accused o’ ever light colored girl in the world.

Emma, Ah can’t see to mah soul how we lived all this time, way from one another. Feels her forehead and cheek. B y unanimous decision de cake goes to de couple from Jacksonville!

EMMA about to place her hat in rack. Color Struck Mule Bonestaged Come sneaking in srruck lik pole cat! Naw, we don’t wanta do our walking steps-nobody won’t wanta see them when we step out at the hall. Then you don’t want my love, John, cause I can’t help mahself from being jealous. They are fixed to the wall. No trivia or quizzes yet. About Zora Neale Hurston. She rushes at him again. Emma stares at the girl and the bed and seizes a hat from a nail on the wall.

The couples are “prancing” in their tracks.

Color Struck

Hurston’s attempt to analyze changing black demographics will be examined in the process. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Talkin’ ’bout me liking high-yallers-yo husband musta been pretty near white. At curtain they have reached frenzy.


Not so good, Emma. It stays down a few seconds to indicate ending of contest and goes up again on John and Effie being declared winners by Judges. Reckon Ah better go git a doctor.

Color Struck by Zora Neale Hurston

Struco is on the bed but is lying so that the back is toward the audience. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Augustine coons would win dat cake and we would have tuh kill ’em all bodaciously. But wait till you see dat little place in Philly! Geissler take dot cake on back tub Jacksonville where it belongs. Afew seats remain unoccupied. She saw the results of the Great Migration as terrifying and spasmodic, unbearably inhumane and devastating to those left behind.

After you left, Ah useter have such a hurtin’ in heah touches her bosom till she come an’ eased it some. Emma refuses to dance the cakewalk with him, even though they are favoured to win the competition.