China 2 September CIETAC Arbitration proceeding (Freezing units The Arbitration Rules of the Arbitration Commission [hereinafter, the. China 21 February CIETAC Arbitration proceeding (Equipment case) The Arbitration Rules of the Arbitration Commission [hereafter, the. Arbitration International, Volume 21, Issue 3, 1 September , Pages The revised CIETAC Arbitration Rules (the ‘New Rules’), which came.

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Upon the written application of a party, CIETAC shall accept a case in accordance with an arbitration agreement concluded between the parties either before or after the ruled of the dispute, in which it is provided that disputes are to be referred to arbitration by CIETAC.

The arbitral tribunal has the power to decide whether to accept a counterclaim or a Statement of Defense submitted after the expiration of the above time period.

The arbitral tribunal has the power to decide in the arbitral award, having regard to the circumstances of the case, that the losing party shall compensate the winning party for the expenses reasonably incurred by it in pursuing the case. London Court of International Arbitration members Sign in via society site. Where the arbitral tribunal has argitration yet been formed, such decision shall be made by the Arbitration Court.

Key CISG provisions at issue: Chapter I General Provisions.

CIETAC arbitration toolkit

A case may be dismissed if the claim and counterclaim have been withdrawn in their entirety. According to the relevant provisions of CISG, after accepting the goods under the Contract, the [Buyer] should have paid the contract price; if the payment arbltration delayed, the [Buyer] should pay interest accrued due to the delay of payment.

The arbitral tribunal cjetac have the power to determine the existence and validity of the arbitration agreement and its jurisdiction over the arbitration case. Where the aebitration have agreed on the application of other arbitration rules, CIETAC shall perform the relevant administrative duties. A written dissenting opinion shall be kept with the file and may be appended to the award.


The [Seller]’s claims are related to thirty-one 31 contracts. Article 84 Coming into Force.

CIETAC arbitration toolkit | Practical Law

The parties may also settle their dispute by themselves. The [Buyer] enjoyed the rights stipulated in the Contracts, but refused to perform the obligation to make the payments to the [Seller] under the Contracts. The arbitral tribunal shall examine the case in any way it deems appropriate unless otherwise agreed urles the parties. Failure of either party to perform a partial award shall neither affect the arbitral proceedings nor prevent the arbitral tribunal from making the final award.

The arbitral tribunal may examine the case in the manner it considers appropriate.

China 21 February CIETAC Arbitration proceeding (Equipment case) [translation available]

After the court session, both parties submitted supplementary material. The Secretariat forwarded these documents to the [Buyer] in a timely manner.

At the request of either party and with the approval of the arbitral tribunal, the cletac or appraiser shall participate in an oral hearing and give explanations on the report when the arbitral tribunal considers it necessary.

As to the modification of the payment terms, the [Seller] explained as follows:. From , to , Where a case is to be decided on the basis of documents only, or where the evidence is submitted after the hearing and both parties have agreed to examine the evidence by means of writing, the parties may examine the evidence in writing.

Where the amount in dispute is not cirtac at the time of applying for arbitration, or where special circumstances exist, the amount of the arbitration fee deposit shall be determined by CIETAC in consideration of the specific rights and interests involved in the dispute.

From 1, to 5, Latest Most Read Most Cited Principles of interpretation of contracts under English law and their application in international arbitration. The issue whether some of the end users have made the payments. You could not be signed in. Where a case is to be dismissed before the formation of the arbitral tribunal, the decision shall be made by the President of the Arbitration Court. Article 4 Scope of Application.


The facts of the dispute and the reasons on which the award is based may not be stated in the award if the parties have so agreed, or if the award is made in accordance with the terms of a settlement agreement between the parties. Citing articles via Google Scholar. Where the arbitral tribunal is composed of a sole arbitrator, the number of copies submitted may be reduced by two.

Before the end of the hearing, the [Seller] submitted rulles documents including the Attorneys’ Opinion and evidence related to the claim for attorneys’ fee- and the arbitration fee.

The Arbitration Tribunal finds that the Contract was voluntarily established with the parties’ true intent, and was binding on both parties; therefore, the parties should perform the Contract in good faith accordingly. Where after examination the Arbitration Court finds the formalities required for the arbitration application to be incomplete, it may request the Claimant to complete them within a specified time period.

However, in neither case shall it be implied that the reasons zrbitration the challenge are sustained. Therefore, the [Seller] was entitled to request the [Buyer] to pay the arrearage of the contract price. After negotiation, arbitrration parties failed to reach an agreement; thereafter, the [Seller] filed the arbitration application.

205 party may, within thirty 30 days from its receipt of the arbitral award, request the arbitral tribunal in writing for an additional award on any claim or counterclaim which was advanced in the arbitral proceedings but was omitted from the award. On 10 Maythe Secretariat sent a letter to the [Buyer] informing it of the situation at arbihration oral hearing, and also notified the [Buyer] that it could submit a request in writing for another oral hearing before 13 May