Step 1. Error setting up player: Invalid license key FOUNDATION ONE ADD TO CART$ . Coach Sommer GymnasticBodies. Yes, I Want 25% Off!. Initially, I was a CrossFit follower, and found the GB website through Christopher Sommer’s (GB’s founder) posts on the CF site. This was when. I followed the Foundation One training programme, which aims to get Coach Sommer has named all the exercises in his material, himself.

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Your questions are great, I understand where you are coming from. Also, did habdstand notice any difference in your physique after the 8 weeks? I like that thinking A LOT.

Did you do the training courses on the GB website? He may even have potential to be a good ssommer gymnastics coach. As you say training for maximal strength requires low reps. A trainee lacks upper-body strength. Hi Johnny, Thanks for your comment.

8 weeks of Gymnastic Bodies Foundation One | My Results – harrycloudfootharrycloudfoot

I found the foundation ok, good progressions. For the most part on F1, you only really need a floor space and some kind of ledge or block to occasionally raise your hands or feet on to. Hope that helps and thanks for getting in touch. The required standard is 5 sets of chrisfopher seconds before moving on; 6 seconds off.

Now, I think it is safe to say that we have debunked Sommer’s 5 x 15 push ups. How do I calculate which week to start at? Can I ask how long you have been training for, based on training 3 chrisopher a week or more?


Hoping to sort that out with GB. The prescribed rep range is 10 reps, performed as an active rest between work sets.

The main thing I would recommend is pay detailed attention to your tendons and how they feel during and after your sessions. I know for a fact that many people who bought the programs are not following them anymore simply because they made zero progress.

One of the best parts of the Foundation One programme was this idea of Mastery and Mastery Templates. Being a perfectionist is certainly not helped in any way by the forum coaches anal observations, haha. However christlpher a certain point you will have to diverge so strongly in order to address your needs that at point you are doing your own programming. The first is to just start jumping into straddles, tucks.

Handstand Two This program is designed to build the capacity to perform a press handstand from an L-sit position. If anything, the only proof I have seen Ido Portal post is videos of his clients working with him for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years. What has helped me with them has been Kit’s Master the Pancake series I think it is about dollars on Vimeo and straddle leg lifts.

8 weeks of Gymnastic Bodies Foundation One | My Results

What would you like to know, regarding my comments below? Personally, Handsstand have enjoyed this program and feel comfortable recommending it to others with a caveat: His background was powerlifting and bodybuilding for around 3 years.


I played around with it for a while, eventually purchasing Handstand One and Handstand Two, and the 3 Stretch Series courses. I think it is fair to say that they either had a good background or had good genetics. Was trying to maintain an anterior pelvic tilt all that you needed to maintain a comfortable ABH?

Can I ask, what is your motivation for training, right now? If it takes people 6 months to add those last few reps perhaps one should increase base strength.


Where can I find the full program? It does not follow then that “everyone” has problems with 5×15 push-ups simply because there are many posts about it. Ditto, especially chhristopher it’s a mobility element or a strength element that depends on mobility like straddle ups. Everything else the iM and the depth are agreeable for the move but all I get is mmm nope, not yet, gotta keep working this.