Chomp. Wahoo Cray lives in a zoo. His father is an animal wrangler, so he’s grown up with all manner of gators, snakes, parrots, rats, monkeys, snappers, and. The Paperback of the Chomp by Carl Hiaasen at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. reality TV. Read Common Sense Media’s Chomp review, age rating, and parents guide. Chomp Book Poster Image Carl Hiaasen ยท Adventure; Save.

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Neither of them is looking forward to testifying at Gordon’s criminal trial, but Tuna promises that, regardless, she and her mother will be visiting Florida again. Hoot, Flush, Scat, Chomp. His father is the unpredictable one. Hiaasen went with the plot was absolutely hilarious Unsure what else to do, Wahoo invites her to join them on their camping trip into the Everglades. It was engaging and funny without being afraid to tackle some heavy subjects. While buying supplies at a Walmart in Florida Hisasenthe Ccarl are joined by Tuna Gordon, a teenaged classmate of Wahoo’s, fleeing her abusivealcoholic father, Jared Gordon.

It could never be accused of instant love. Nothing sex-related, but there’s scenes relating alcohol, violence and guns. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A few instances of crude or strong language: Derek’s clumsiness leads him to suffer a number of injuries, including being bitten a dozen times by an agitated banded water snake that he was attempting to kill and eat.

Column 4 Biaasen impact report: The star and so-called survivor is nothing of the sort. Yancy believes that if he can singlehandedly solve a high-profile murder, he’ll get his detective badge back.

No Kindle device required. How could I not giggle on my way to and from work when I got to hear about Derek’s hiaqsen being bitten by a wild haasen that left him with an infected tongue and delusions of vampirism? His father is an animal wrangler who supplies docile animals to TV survivalist shows that purport to show men wrestling with alligators or snakes. I would rate this book with five stars. Weird names also seem to be a trend. I recommend this book for people 10 and up.


Rob Huntley Displaying reality TV as a misleading, manipulated medium. The educational value of this book is priceless: The Secrets of the Wild Wood. Unfortunately, for niaasen loyal readers, he’s cchomp keeping a fairly low profile in recent years after a creative explosion in the 90’s.

Learn how we rate. This was a tongue-in-cheek look at reality television and made me laugh. Hiaasen chooses to play an unadvised card, however, when Wahoo’s friend, Tuna, a girl who is beaten by her drunken father, joins the troops. All the characters were one-dimensional caricatures.

His rating was 4. I would recommend this book, but I also would like to warn anyone whom is planning to read this, that t I really love Carl Hiaasen, but this xhomp fell short compared to his others. As a reader, you want Wahoo and Tuna who both have fishy names to thrive as friends and get through their roughest times together.

Chomp (novel) – Wikipedia

There are side plots about the kids trying to save their parents marriage. His father is an animal wrangler, so he’s grown up with all manner of gators, snakes, parrots, rats, monkeys, snappers, and more in his backyard. Instead the pace of the story continues endearingly and excitingly right to the end, with a mad dash of humor to spice up the thunder-and-alligators everglades adventure.

Hiaasen creates brave but realistic kid characters who manage to catl problems and help set things right. Then, Wahoo meets a girl about her age and notices she has a black eye. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?



The show star Derek was a solid moron without a single redeeming quality. I did like Billy though. Susan decides hiaaeen support the house by going to China to teach friends Chinese, and she gets money for it. Or just because monkeys threw poo at people. Tuna, originally a huge fan of Expedition: It is only a few hours south of where I live, and a place I consider to be extremely beautiful and dangerous.

We are experiencing technical difficulties. They give each other clothing during the harsh weather. I sped though the book and was happy with chmp nice solid ending that wrapped everything up.

It put a very interesting spin on the caarl outlook of the book. Chomp by Carl Hiaasen follows Wahoo a boy whose father is an animal wrangler. Me personal preference of reading order be scat, chomp, flush, hoot, then squirm.

It doesn’t help that for the first half of the book it’s all about Derek Badger, and then he literally disappears and we forget all about him until he once again literally jumps back onto fhomp page. There are some ‘darker’ themes in this story which helped to start conversations with our older child about serious things, but the story keeps it light enough to not scare the kids.

After long searching and friends being made, there are many twists and turns along the search! Wahoo’s friend Tuna comes with them because her father who is a drunk who gave her a black eye. I liked Tuna as a character and I was interested in the aspects of her personal growth, but I wasn’t sure if it was necessary for the story.