Segreteria – Organizzazione meeting. Disponibilità oraria: Part Time indifferente. CCNL: CCNL Commercio Confcommercio 01/03/ CNEL – 2° Ufficio di sup CNEL – 2° Ufficio di supporto agli Organi Collegiali – Archivio Contratti denominazione stipula decorrenza. Budget Heading: Agreement number: VS// The Confcommercio, an independent political entity, promotes the development of the . EMPLOYEE FUNDS (CCNL of the Tertiary Sector, Distribution and Services).

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Wage provisions contained in NCBAs, therefore, represent the criterion to assess wages set in individual contracts. One of the most significant laws governing labour relationships is Act no.

Most information is available in English but some has been translated to facilitate access at national level. The most relevant are:.

Highlights — Working life in Highlights — Working life in Authors: Ccnnl negative patterns can also be seen in other indicators about the quality of life. However, some protection has been introduced for self-employed workerssuch as limiting the possibility to introduce unfair clauses in contracts by the clients, and reintroducing minimum levels of pay to be observed by some sections for example banks, insurance companies and large organisation.

Employees may receive various additional wage elements — for instance, additional monthly salaries 13th and 14th monthly payments. Furthermore, Italy has never had legislation setting up a national confxommercio wage.


They are interlocking parts in a multilevel system of governance that includes the European, national, sectoral, regional provincial or local and company levels. The above-mentioned provisions do not apply to executives. For employees hired starting MarchJobs Act reformed this set of rules. Inter-confederal Agreement signed on 20 December Accordo interconfederale. Starting in JanuaryJAS slightly modified the regulation. Available data are not account for inflation.


There is no legal regulation on weekend work. Trade union membership in s For the ‘Rarely or never’ answer, Italy’s score is lower than the European Union score. Extension mechanisms Collective agreements cannot be extended by legislation. As shown in the table below, the shares of part-time workers are aligned with the EU average, with a slightly greater difference between women and men.

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A tale proposito il lavoratore deve rendersi reperibile presso il suo domicilio oppure presso un domicilio diverso, se preventivamente comunicato al datore di lavoro, dalle 10 alle 12 e dalle 17 alle 19 di ogni giorno, festivi compresi. The provisions contained in those laws concern in most aspects only workers operai and employees impiegatiand do not affect executives dirigenti. Youth employment decreased slightly ANPAL is supposed to perform a range of tasks: Part-time work is generally governed by NCBAs, with some specific aspects regulated at firm level.

Please note that there is no clear distinction between national cross-sectoral, occupational, and sectoral levels in Italy. Data covers only employees of enterprises in the Industry and Services sectors.

Living and working in Italy

Decentralised bargaining can take place also at regional or company level and, in the latter case, decentralised collective bargaining agreements may replace NCBAs. In the figure, we see a comparison between Italy and European Union for the people with ‘Establishment size: The main obligations upon the employer are as follows: Working time flexibility is not regulated by law. This briefing provides a succinct list of action points that employers should consider in order to ensure that they have adequate procedures in place to prevent bribery by individuals confcommerci services on their behalf, failing which an organisation may be liable Click to share this page to Facebook securely.


Quality of public services Quality ratings for seven public services Note: Find a Lawyer Name. For the confcommeecio answer, Italy’s score is lower than the European Union score. Italian collective bargaining is basically structured on two different levels; sectoral NCBAs are concluded for the whole Italian territory and applied to all employees of the same sector.

Private sector establishments confcommrecio more than 10 employees. Tensions came to a head in June when the ruling party, the Democratic Party PDcircumvented a referendum organised by the CGIL on voucher-based workby repealing provisions subject to the referendum intended to abrogate it, and introducing unilaterally a new, albeit more stringent, regulation.

A healthy economy depends on a healthy workforce; organisations lose productivity through ill-health of their workers. Collective bargaining Bargaining system In Italy, NCBAs are legally binding only ccommercio employers and employees belonging to the organisations that have signed them, or that choose to adopt them. Working time flexibility Working time flexibility is not regulated by law. This is the apprenticeship, in which the employer is obliged not only to pay remuneration to employees, but also to train them.

The law only sets out the maximum amount of working hours, leaving all other aspects to social dialogue and contractual freedom within specific limits for certain categories or circumstances such as night work. Specifically, 10 members are appointed directly by the President of the Republic: