A critical path walkthrough including all relics and bosses in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (SotN, PlayStation, PS, PS1, PSX). Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, originally released in Japan as Castlevania: Nocturne in the Moonlight (悪魔城ドラキュラ X 月下の夜想曲,, Akumajō Dracula. Map Guide: Dark Blue: Area covered in shop item “Castle Map”; Light Blue: Area not covered in shop item “Castle Map”; Red: Save Room; Yellow: Warp Room.

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Life Up alert — Alchemical Labs – Broken wall down past the lower laboratory save room. Find the Sword Castoevania on your way to the Royal Chapel. There’s really only one path for now. Drop down from the save room and go right.

Save the game since it is an ominous sign. Use your double jump to reach the Lesser Demonthen use your mist power to claim the Soul of Bat. Shield Properties Some shields have inobvious properties when held to guixe projectile attacks.

You will find a small area with red pots and meal ticket items also a semi-useful accessory. Work your way down past the enemies and try to head left. Apart from that, the Beryl Circlet protects you adequately to kill this guy in a few blows. The room is definitely too small to allow you to use Soul Steal without being hit.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – Walkthrough

Once you’re ready to move on, head through the inverted gallery ‘Black Gallery’ and move right through towards the inverted castle entrance.

Since you can barely get close, without being hit by her mass of attacks, consider equipping any fast weapon or the Claymore from the succubus’ area and changing into a bat. It shoots fire, but the non-Sailor Moon Beryl Circlet you found after killing Galamoth can solve that.

A life-up is out in the open if you look for it underwater where the ferryman plies his trade. Head to the inverted mines and catacombs. The sub-weapon armory should let you pick which weapon you want. If you want one of the bad endings, kill Richter and use the Mormegil weapon.


Otherwise, you can double jump slice the boss and hit it with the axe sub-weapon while underneath it. Continue back down to the bottom of the guude and locate the deep cave to Scylla. The clock castlevvania is the first step in recovering your lost gear — the helmet ‘Dragon Helm’ is in the lower left room of the large clock tower area where you found relic ‘Fire of Bat’ and can be left equipped on the Dunpeal for the rest of the game.

The boss room is below the save room, but go there later; explore the rest of the cavern before committing to a battle that’s a little tougher than you expect. There’s a life-up item in the library if you gravity fall into the librarian’s ass.

If you found the Cat-eye Circlet from the normal catacombs it was behind a guid wallyou can equip that when going through the inverted catacombs and touch the cats thrown by Salome the flying witch girl for massive HP recovery. Castkevania Death defeated, you castleevania head back to the center of the Black Gallery and face the final bosses in the inverted Ritual Chamber; however, you will notice that the Dunpeal still has some missing items the ones that he started with.

Since you’re going to the library, you might as well make a detour to the Outer Wall. The boss in the area here is Ahkmodan II mummy.

The inverted succubus area has a few expendable items you should take up. In the clock tower’s gear room, smash the same wall and work the same four gear wheels for the same two secrets. Proceed to the Clock Tower. While passing through, grab the Gravity Boots.

For starters, explore the upper right area of the room with the lesser demon and find a new weapon and armor with interesting properties. Alucard Mail — Inverted Olrox, the upper left corner.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – Walkthrough

Be sure to save the game and go past the room with the Bloody Zombies into the large room with the Axe Armor. Taking out Olrox will give you the relic ‘Echo of Bat’, which will let you navigate the dark tunnel in the catacombs for the crucial Spikebreaker. By flying around as a bat, you can also reach all castlevanis corners on the map you never got to before in order to fill out your Olrox This boss is deceptively small. Death If you got the Holy Sword from the normal castle it’s in a secret ceiling room in the Colosseum areayou can kill the boss in about 3 hits boss is weak against HOL type attacks.


Use the Spike Breaker and your mist ability to obtain the Silver Ring. If you want to see the next part of the game, equip the Holy Glasses from Maria Renard, and consider using the Holy Ston. Spells By Number So you come to me for help do you game player?

Power, and more of it. The lone Cloaked Knight in the ‘bottom’ room of the inverted clock tower guards two items: But don’t push your luck unless you want to die; simply move on.

Heart Up alert — Underground Cavern — Under the wood bridge to the mines.

Walkthrough – Castlevania: SotN – Guides

Simply gravity fall up into the water and change into the wolf when you crash. Once you narrowed down the area, it’s just a matter of time finding the screen you keep refreshing for fast refreshment of enemies. Not long past the Marble Gallery, you will reach the Outer Wall. The first task past the blue Axe Armors, is to locate the warp room castle keep and use it to cycle through the warp rooms to ‘lock’ it into active status.

The poison damage gain from the topaz Circlet will give you the needed advantage.