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The formal training provided to students in the university and the previous levels of education joined to the corporate influence produce a deeply nationalistic youth Jarausch, Somocistas, Sandinistas, Contras, and the University Triangulation between sources was possible by contrasting the findings from the interviews with those from documental sources.

However, it is possible to infer a close connection between this function and the function of social mobility that sociologists recognize as pertaining to education in general. Although most of the original data for this dissertation corresponds to the Colombian conflict, seven other armed conflicts that took place during the twentieth century are reviewed in this study.

Chapter Fourteen focuses on the functions related to knowledge production, transmission, and storage. The Importance of a Taxonomy There are several advantages of using a taxonomy as the conceptual framework for this research.

SDS – Smart Development Systems Corp.

Second, the entire case can be reviewed more readily, so that footnotes and citations can be checked if necessary, an appropriate criticism can be raised about the published case. Chapter Fifteen deals with uniandee functions related to development and service, and Chapter Sixteen explores functions that can be considered! Also, mentioning a function in the taxonomy does not necessarily mean that it will be included in this study.

The first one holds that higher education contributes to the maintenance of the status quo. Hence, the main characteristics of this classification are: This is also the first study on higher education and internal violent conflict analyzing several countries, several universities, and multiple functions of higher education.

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Very few people can give an estimate of the number of massacres related to the conflict in the last ten, twenty, or thirty years, not because these massacres are ignored by the people but because there have been so many that most people lost track of that number several years ago.


Two decades before, the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education created a dw of purposes and functions to evaluate the performance of higher education in the United States. I opted for se intermediate solution aiming at capitalizing from the benefits of both approaches: These short descriptions allowed a comprehensive view of the portrayed conflicts and institutions, as well as presenting the uniqueness of each conflict and each institution while pointing out shared elements and important differences across cases.

The fact that university students have played an important role in several armed conflicts seems to be ignored in the literature on DDR as well as the fact that higher education institutions can perform uniandew other than teaching.

Despite its implications for World War II, it was a Civil War, in which the combating parties were mostly compatriots, a feature that introduced important differences in the role that universities played in the conflict. Programs on peace, conflict, or human rights offered by HEIs affiliated to the military Second, how the conflict in which Colombia has been immersed during almost five decades was extensively perhaps systematically ignored in the planning documentation.

However, some countries already mention the possibility of providing higher education to former child soldiers, as in the case of Sri Lanka, whose Ministry of Defense announced measures to provide access to higher education to rehabilitated LTTE Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam soldiers Ministry of Defence of Sri Lanka, The two selected countries, the United States and Germany, represent two different ideological systems but also had some important points in common, particularly developed higher education systems that were decisive to the final output of the war.

In addition, this debate has been concentrated in the US education system.

The remarks that follow are based on those slides. I identified four main function groups: There is not a single answer for these questions. The seven conflicts included in this study were considered relevant because of the type of conflict, its geographic location, or its significance for the Colombian armed conflict.


Armed conflict in Colombia tends to affect public HEIs more than private ones. The main purpose of the international overview is to cartillq a broad perspective fitas the challenges, opportunities, and realities of higher education in different conflict and postconflict settings.

The triad was adopted in the United States around Carnegie Commission on Higher Education, aiming to describe what universities do, or what they are expected to do. There are several other works analyzing the role of higher education in peacebuilding, peacemaking, conflict transformation, and related fields, some of them were presented in the events on higher education and conflict presented below.

First, developing a conceptual framework for the study of the potential role of higher education in peacebuilding. Universities, multiculturalism and social cohesion.

When the country entered World War I, college presidents were supportive of the war effort but were also concerned about the impact that such a drop in enrolment might have on private universities, which depended mostly on tuition and fees for their subsistence. I had to wait until I arrived to Colombia to set most of the appointments, which took about a week of my fieldwork and several calls and emails to each interviewee.

Expert reviewed interview guides, triangulation, peers debriefing, and member checking. Introduction We must begin by acknowledging the hard truth: Considering the transdisciplinarity and the subjectivity of this taxonomy, such condition cannot be fulfilled. This information was helpful for the design of the interview guide and to provide context information to the case study. Since the beginning of the conflict, German professors supported the involvement of the empire in war.

The program had several components: The second position holds that university can contribute to progressive social change, change that is gradual and beneficial to society. In addition to the historic perspective, this approach!