An elite member of the Psi Police Corps, Maurra instinctively goes to the alien’s defense when she sees him attacked by a group of vicious Kronners. Her attempt . Read Captive Surrender by Linda Mooney by Linda Mooney by Linda Mooney for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and. An elite member of the Psi Police Corps, Maurra instinctively goes to the alien’s defense when she sees him attacked by a group of vicious.

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Not an easy feat for any author, yet Linda Mooney did an excellent job especially when one of the characters is an alien with horns. surrenddr

Captive Surrender – Linda Mooney – Google Books

I was sort of hoping for a curve ball but even so the story was still good. Combine aliens with erotica-romance and I am hooked! In a heroic attempt to help an Ellinoid, she finds herself being taken along with him by very cunning bad aliens. But it got back up again right after! I really enjoyed reading this book, it was really fun and sweet and hot at times. But literally, this is, more or less, the first half of Captive Surrender by Linda Mooney.

The whole idea of no cross species sex was just dropped even though the reason for the ban was not solved in any manner. I skipped to the end, which was somewhat interesting with her breaking him out of prison, but then gave up.

I have to say, Mooney sure has some sick and sadistic thoughts up there! It was stunning, really. The author creates an entertaining pair of beings whose continued adventures would be of interest to sci-fi fans who like a little spice with their stories.

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Interesting world set up though. She wakes up on a ship with Safan and is eventually told they’re in some sort of pay-per-view and although it’s against the law, she and Safan will be filmed having sex. She goes to the aid of and alien being attached by a group of Kronners. I’d love to see Ms. The relationship was nice but could have been much richer.

Two things that bugged me was the speed at which their feelings for each other developed and that sometimes there were just too many coincidences that it made the problem solving a little too convenient. Also the law that the corrupt magistrates could twist to their purposes would have made more sense if instead of being against cross-species fornication, it had specifically targetted cross-species breeding due to all hybrids supposedly being “schizophrenic” no matter the parentage.

Stern and always in control. Linda loves to write romance with a fantasy or science-fiction flair. Safan is a surprise as he is not what he first appears or what his appearance would lead you expect. Open Preview See a Problem? First time reading this author. I was just expecting a wee book mostly revolving around sex and had passed it up numerous times while browsing for something new. Lol, got a kick out of those. She quickly finds out that her captors plan to force them to have sex for a pay-per-view audience.

They ought to have to sweat a bit. He showed signs that maybe he thought he was dominate but the author didn’t do him justice.

Captive Surrender

While unconscious, they are stripped and imprisoned within a facility wired with video feeds. Both Safan and Maurra are strong characters who are willing to sacrifice themselves to save innocent lives.

I’m still fanning myself, and I finished reading the book last night! Hot alien sex, guys. That was one of the biggest oversights of the book. Otherwise they’ll kill Safan. He has horns which are as sensitive as his manhood. In a situation with no escape, Maurra and Safan reluctantly obey and are surprised to find that their intimate performance opens them to new levels of pleasure.


Furthermore, the hype and suspense dwindled down towards the middle portion. She also writes naughty humorous romances under the name of Carolyn Gregg, horror under the pseudonym of Gail Smith, and elementary teacher workbooks as L.

Kristie rated it it was amazing May 06, When the couple eventually escapes, they face condemnation from their own people. An elite member of the Psi Police Corps, Maurra instinctively goes srrender the alien’s defense when she sees him attacked by a group of vicious Kronners. Beyond the fact that they are strangers, the situation is more upsetting 1 because interspecies sex is a serious crime and 2 lindw Safan is an enormous male. If they had had more than 2 or 3 days to fall for each other before they escaped.

I like naughty books that are set in space where aliens are doing it. They’re being forced to break the law inter-species sex is a no-no! In this book it’s a welcome relief no pun intended to read about an Alien who resembles a gray, hairless incredible Hulk with horns. There was a moment of silence, followed by a click, and a message popped up on the display.

Because of his size, this truly could have been a horrible experience for her, but he made sure to keep her sexually aroused so that she wouldn’t moonet torn apart by him. It’s too bad, hotter sex scenes are always better and if you are going captibe Sci fi erotica may as well go all The way!